The frustration that comes when you are asked to rewrite the essay all over again is real.  It feels like a total waste of time and waste of energy for doing the work the second time.

Today in this blog, we are going to discuss what leads to students get into the situation where they are asked to rewrite their essays. First stop, feeling demotivated when you are asked to rewrite your essay and instead take it as a challenge.

Here are a few reasons students are asked to rewrite essays

  1. Headlines are not that strong

Title or headlines are something that readers will first notice when reading your essays. So this is one of the most critical aspects of your content. It provides a glimpse into the heart of the rest of the content. They are the core element of any good content.

So what may really be the problem with your headlines? As you rewrite it, make sure it has inspiring elements. It should contain the promise of information or tips.

  • Conclusions are not effective

Concluding paragraphs need to be definite and they must leave something for the reader’s interpretation. If you have aided any concern or question in the introductory paragraph, the conclusion is where you should settle. Often students make the mistake of basically repeating whatever they have written in the introduction and body of the essay or adding new information to it.  Instead what you should be doing is pointing out the important points using your own words and explaining how you have provided the solution to the raised concern.

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  • The tone of the essay needs to be improved

Another reason why students are asked to rewrite essays is not using the right tone. There are times despite the essay seeming flawless and nothing seeming wrong with it; the tone of the content may seem a bit too simple or too difficult.

You need to ensure that the tone of the essay looks professional, advanced and somewhat creative. It needs to be easily readable, and simple and avoid adding any kind of intricate or jargon words.

  • To improve grammar and spelling mistakes

Improper usage of grammar or wrong spelling can be another reason for students to be asked “can anyone rewrite my essay for me?” This is also a common issue students are most likely to encounter when writing their essays. Make sure your essay is following proper tense, article and subject-verb agreements.  Re-read each word in the essay to identify the spelling error existing in your essay content. Use a grammar checker to confirm there are no grammatical and spelling issues in your text. You can also ask a friend or a family member to read your essay. They can help you find what your eyes might have missed.

  • Content not matching the given topic

Students get so involved when studying the topic at times that they end up going in a different direction.  They start going off-topic and they do not even realise it. This is one of the reasons why students often are asked to rewrite their essays.  So whenever you are writing your essay make sure to re-read the topic in the middle of your writing so you can avoid going off-topic.

Here are some of the common reasons students are asked to rewrite their essays. Now that  you know the common reasons for being asked to rewrite essays, you no longer need to live in the days of frustration.

Minimum to zero effort

Online essay rewriter tools mostly happen to be user-friendly. You can copy and paste the content with a single click.  The tool is designed to generate fresh content automatically within just a few minutes. You will not require to stay late at night and take constant stress while rewriting the essay.

These are some of the top benefits students are likely to experience when using online essay rewriter tools.

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