Second grade is a step ahead the preschool, where kids are expected to know the basics. By this time, they have adapted well to the school environment and are comfortable with the routine. It is time they take the leap and get more indulged in academics. If your child is entering the second grade of the best school in Pune, he should have already developed a few life skills. Lacking these skills can affect his career drastically, and he will lag in performance compared to his classmates. 

The first step towards this process is the awareness of these skills that your child requires. The Montessori school where your child completes preschool ensures these skills. However, your duty as a parent is to verify that your child has developed the required skills. You can plan things and support your child’s growth only when you know where you need to work. Thus, brace yourself right from the preschool level to ensure your child develops the necessary life skills by the time he enters the second grade. Let us discuss all the essential skills.

Skills your child should have before entering second grade

Reading and Writing

The most fundamental thing is to read and write. If you want your child to adapt to the new environment conveniently, ensure that he can read and write the basics. There is no need to teach them to write long sentences, but they should at least be able to write a word without help. Then, it will help them when the second-grade teacher trains them to write short sentences.


Basic knowledge of numbers is also essential for the second graders. Choosing the best school in Pune means your child will also face competition. So, to cope with that, he needs to sharpen his basic mathematics. Teach them to count, add, subtract, and identification of shapes. Moreover, they should also know how to classify things based on their shape, colour, and count. The idea is to ensure they identify numbers well enough to understand complicated operations. 

Science Basics

Science is one of the crucial subjects with multiple concepts that your child must know before entering second grade. A basic introduction to the definition of energy, solar system, and states of material (solid, liquid, gas) is significant as it will help me learn the subject further. Children learn about these concepts through various activities in a Montessori School; a parent should only ensure that they understand them well. 

Social Skills

Another vital life skill your child must develop is interacting with people and conducting themselves confidently. They must know how to study and live in harmony with their peers. Furthermore, your child should be responsible enough to take care of his belongings. Ensure that your child understands what it is like to work in a team and can do things independently whenever required. Moreover, your child should also understand how to take instructions from the educators and follow them without creating any nuisance.


Lastly, your child should learn to communicate effectively to put his views in front and speak up in any circumstance. A child who lacks this skill becomes the laid-back one and remains under-confident his entire life. It will not only impact his academics but will have a lasting impact on his life. 

If your child develops these fundamental skills in preschool, it gets convenient to adapt to the second grade. They will already know what comes next and can learn things quickly. Moreover, it will also keep the parents at ease as they will not have to face tantrums about not going to school or children being unable to learn the concepts. So, start early and work from the first day of your child’s school to see fruitful changes.

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