6 Things to Keep in Mind

There are a number of cities neighboring LA, and while the City of Los Angeles is the real deal, these other smaller cities can’t be dismissed. One of these cities is Glendale, a Southern California gem with a population estimate of 214,000 by 2040.

But there’s a reason Glendale is gaining much popularity and attracting many Americans and expatriates. It’s a beautiful city, laid-back, clean, and almost futuristic. 

Something is definitely being done right about Glendale, but before you pack your bags, keep these things in mind:

The Climate is Amazing

Much of California enjoys excellent weather year-round, with mild winters and hot summers you’d wish lasted forever. 

If you’ve been dreaming of spending some time toasting in the sunny Los Angeles weather, your trip to Glendale will be a dream come true.

While in the city, you’ll experience the same weather conditions as elsewhere in Los Angeles County and Southern California. 

If you’re familiar with the Mediterranean climate that contributes to California’s popularity, you can expect a warm and rainy winter rather than snow. So, as you pack, take note of the season to avoid packing the wrong outfits.

It’s Not a Crime Zone

Sure, there was a time when fear gripped Glendale as two serial killers were on the loose murdering women, but it’s no longer the 70s.

Glendale is actually a pretty safe place, enjoying harmony that can only be envied. A 2014 Wall Street report put the city in the 9th place on a list of safest cities in America. The report was gauging the rate of violent crimes by city.

Another study has named Glendale the safest mid-sized city in the country. That has got to count for something, and it’d certainly feel good knowing you are traveling to a really safe place.

You’re Close to LA

Glendale is one of the cities with the closest proximity to the City of Los Angeles. From Glendale to LA, it’s roughly 9 miles south. Basically a stone’s throw away.

The proximity gives Glendale a strategic position. It’s nowhere near LA proper but certainly not far off. You stay in Glendale, especially if you want to save up and still access LA daily.

Considering living in Los Angeles is pretty costly, Glendale offers a unique and advantageous alternative.

It Had a Sundown Town Status

As you plan your trip to Glendale, brush up on its history a bit, just so you are aware. The city used to have a sundown town status that persisted into the 60s.

While history is what is: gone but still a reminder for the future, such info can leave a sour taste in your mouth. It’s a lot better to know beforehand and move forward without surprises.

Many People Drive

California is a car-loving state, and you’ll experience some of that in Glendale. Lots of people drive, which means there are bound to be traffic challenges that you would face in bigger cities like LA and San Francisco.

You’ll likely experience some traffic issues, especially on weekends. While the city looks great when you drive, it’s best to have other commute options. 

The city is small, so you can walk to many places or take public transport. You’ll fare better with the Metro Buses or Glendale Beeline instead of taking on the rush hour in a city you’re unfamiliar with.

Glendale is a bike-friendly city, so another option would be to rent a bike on busy days.

Remember, traffic problems make accidents in the city frequent. Glendale is considered one of the worst cities for drivers. If you choose to drive, drive defensively to minimize the risk of getting in a crash.

It’s a Mountainous Region

Glendale sits overlooking the Verdugo Mountains, which adds to its charm. The mountains aren’t further than a few miles north of downtown Glendale.

If you’re planning a trip to this small, vibrant city, keep in mind the mountainous region in the city’s background because it may just turn out to be a high point in your stay.

The Verdugo Mountains Open Space Preserve is a picturesque ecological area sitting on 98 hectares at the slope of the mountains. The preserve is known for its beautiful flora and sweeping vistas.

If you find fun in exploring the wonders of nature, make a mental note to go camping, biking, or hiking in the Verdugo Mountains.

Final Thoughts

Glendale is easy to overlook when finding cities to visit in Southern California, but it’s a gem worth uncovering. But if the city is already on your plans, this list of the things to keep in mind will make your trip even more enjoyable.