Spain is not just its big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Santiago de Compostela. It’s possible to find a vibrant, cosmopolitan city full of wealth and activity in the country’s northern regions. Travelers to this city may take in some Iberian history and culture while also enjoying the mild climate and pristine beaches. 

It’s called Bilbao, and it’s in this area. The Guggenheim museum colloquially referred to as the “Gugg,” and the city’s other examples of avant-garde architecture have made it a true icon of the Spanish Basque region. So,  if you are wondering to go on your next vacation to Spain. Without any doubt, start planning, and book delta airlines reservations online hassle-free. Also, save up to 50% off on round trips on every flight. To help you out with the best, take a look below, and let’s explore the fascinating Spain tourist attractions.

The following is a list of our top picks for attractions and activities in Bilbao:

Las Siete Calles is a neighborhood in Mexico City (Zazpi Kaleak)

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you should definitely check out the so-called “7 Streets” section, also known as the Old Town. Nestled within the banks of the Nervion River, this picturesque settlement features winding stone pathways that are linked by a web of bridges. Beautiful churches, including a massive Gothic cathedral, can be found here. Also, it is a fantastic spot to begin window shopping and wandering.

This is the Guggenheim Museum in New York

A visit to Bilbao would be incomplete without taking in this architectural masterpiece and remarkable work of pictorial art. Fans of modern and contemporary art will enjoy this collection, which includes works by artists such as Jeff Koons, Daniel Buren, Richard Serra, and many others.

Bridge of Zubizuri

The city of Bilbao is especially proud of this one spot: the massive metal bridge over the Nervion river, which was designed by the architect Calavatra. The Gugg is not far away, and this odd footbridge is meant to pay tribute to the museum’s avant-garde and creative spirit. “white bridge” is what the Basque term Zubizuri means. Taking the form of an arc, it is held up by thick iron wires. Glass is used for the ground-level walkway.

Construction of Santiago’s Cathedral

It is the most important structure in the entire Old Town, and it is also one of the oldest: the cathedral was completed towards the end of the 14th century, and it was built on top of an older chapel. The Bilbao Cathedral, the oldest structure in the district, is also the seat of the local bishop. It is simple to distinguish thanks to its small size and undeniably Gothic appearance. The church was given the name Saint James of Compostela because it stands on a path that pilgrims take to reach the holy city of Santiago de Compostela.

The Antzokia Cafe

As one of the most recognizable spots in Bilbao’s vibrant after-dark community, it’s a must-visit if you’re looking for great live performances. At night, the eatery morphs into the city’s busiest nightclub. Dance to reggae, rock, punk, or even Basque music; there’s something for everyone. Observe that once a month, for two hours at no charge, a choreographer specializing in Basque dance steps in to conduct a class for the public.

The Maritime Museum (Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao)

The museum’s collection includes numerous buoys, a large anchor, and ships of all sizes and configurations, all of which have strong ties to the world of marine navigation. On some of these boats, it is also possible to go below the deck and tour the interior. Great for learning more about the ocean and the Bilbao River estuary.

There is a theatre called the Arriaga

Located in the heart of Bilbao, the Arriaga Theater is also known as the New Bilbao Theatre. A commemorative plaque celebrating Juan Crisostomo Arriaga, commonly known as the “Spanish Mozart,” is placed on one of the building’s walls. The interior is beautiful, notably the massive staircase and the crimson carpet. On each of the nine stairwell landings are busts of Bilbao-based artists and composers. 

You must see the San Mamés Stadium and the Athletic Club of Bilbao Museum

Learn about the rich history of Athletic Bilbao, a Basque football team, and take in a game at the seventh-largest stadium in Spain. The 53,000-person capacity San Mamés Barria stadium opened for business in 2013. It has earned the nickname “the Cathedral” because of the spiritual feeling that permeates every game played there. You can go to the stadium by yourself, or you can bring a big group like your family or friends. Tours last about 1 hour and 30 minutes and include stops at the Athletic Club of Bilbao museum, the San Mamés enclosure, the locker rooms, and the trophy room.


Whether you’re in the airport, at the metro entrances, in Plaza Nueva, or at Santiago Cathedral. Bilbao has plenty of opportunities to make your trip memorable. So, why wait? Plan a trip to Spain with AirlinesMap now and visit all these exciting places. It’s time to carry on, live life, and live in Spain..!