The use of mobile marketing is skyrocketing, and getting more people to subscribe to your SMS marketing service should be your number one priority.

Plenty of options can help you take advantage of the current trends, but there are some specific strategies you should also use. The key is figuring out the proper strategies needed to reach maximum effectiveness.

Here are six ways your business can get more SMS subscribers.

1. Come up with a Fun Campaign

One of the best ways to bring in new SMS subscribers is through a fun campaign. Your campaign should do more than try to get people to sign up for offers and coupons. Instead, create some contest or game that will make it interesting for customers.

This isn’t like a normal Internet giveaway because your potential customers will subscribe to your service before knowing anything about it. You need to come up with some grand prize that they will want to win, but remember the value of offering multiple prizes or entries.

2. Treat Your Current Subscribers Like VIPs

Another way to get clients to sign up is by showing them all of the benefits they are already receiving when they do. You should ensure that you care for your customers and let them know that.

Treating your existing subscribers like VIPs can do wonders for your business. People will be more likely to pay attention to your SMS marketing service when they see that you are already doing a great job of taking care of people.

This will make them want to stay loyal and keep their subscription. In addition, they are likely to convince their friends to sign up for your SMS marketing service.

3. Promote Your SMS Subscription

Visual popup and promotional banners can be a great way to grab people’s attention and get them to text the keyword to your short code.

You must find the right location for these types of promotions for you to make maximum impact. You should consider using your website and social media platforms to display these forms of promotions. Either way, you want to make sure you place them where people will see them.

4. Offer Discounts for Subscribers

One great way to get more subscribers is by offering a discount to people that subscribe to your texts. This is a great way for you to get people signed up when they would not have thought about it otherwise.

5. Get Involved with Affiliate Marketing Programs

The Internet has made it easy for you to market your business, but it can continue growing if you participate in other affiliate marketing programs. Be sure to work with prominent affiliate marketers, as this will help your turn their audience into a bigger number of potential customers.

6. Provide Great Content

Another method you should try is providing great content to people through your SMS marketing service. The more subscribers that get a taste of your content, the more likely they will want to be part of it. You should also offer them incentives to subscribe, like giveaways and points for every activity they perform.


Getting more subscribers is an important part of any SMS marketing strategy. You should consider using some of these tips to get more subscribers.