Bangalore has evolved into an ideal location for adventure activities during the last decade. While you’re there, you should explore a little to get a taste of its mountains and beautiful rivers. They’re ideal for hiking and river rafting, and other adventurous sports.  

From water sports to the escape room Bangalore, you can explore a large range of interesting activities in the cities. Here are some of the top bucket-list-worthy adventures to undertake when you’re in Bangalore:  


1. Bheemeshwari Water Sports  

Bheemeshwari will take you back to nature. Bheemeshwari, on the banks of the Cauvery River, may be a gesture of peaceful living. It’s just 108 kilometers from Bangalore and offers different water activities. You can experience fun activities like canoeing, rafting, and kayaking. 

2. Wayanad Rock Climbing 

Wayanad is a little far from Bangalore. However, it is definitely worth the journey. Every adventurous visitor is drawn to this hill station in Kerala.  

You can continue your walk or try a zip line. However, hiking is the cherry on top. Wayanad, located 308 kilometers from Bangalore, is a must-see destination. 

3. Kunti Betta Night Treks  

Kunti Betta is a favorite spot for hikers. It is 126 kilometers from Bangalore. Both amateur and professional hikers will benefit from this.  

There are also aquatic activities to enjoy in addition to side treks. The most basic experience you’ll have here is ascending Capitol Hill in the dark. 

4. Bidadi Bicycling  

Bidadi is an hour’s drive from Bangalore. The place attracts both hikers and bikers. The rough path is a significant challenge to both novice and experienced riders, making it every cyclist’s goal to conquer it. 

5. Anthargange Spelunking  

Cave exploration, often known as spelunking, is a unique and beneficial activity. Anthargange is 68 kilometers from Bangalore. The place is ideal for a round-trip, where you would like to go hiking and spelunking. 

You might also satisfy your inner explorer by visiting one of the temples situated near the hills. 

6. Bangalore Microlight flight  

You don’t even have to go out of your comfort zone to get your heart racing. Every Sunday in Yelahanka, an aerial excursion known as Micro Light flying takes place.  

You’ll be tormented by a skilled pilot in the skies in this place. You can also see the beautiful city from 40,000 feet. You’ll be able to take some fantastic photos while feeling the sun on your face. This kind of activity may reflect Bangalore’s devotion to catering to all types of adrenaline seekers. 

7. Mekedatu Coracle Rides  

Mekedatu is a famous picnic location that has transformed into an adventure hotspot. It is excellent for watersports, hiking, and mountain sports. There is so much to do that you won’t be capable of fitting it all in. 

You may consider getting a room at one of Bangalore’s beautiful resorts to ensure you get to see it all. The coracle rides distinguish Mekedatu from other destinations. These coracle rides are exhilarating and adventurous, making you feel more alive than ever.  

8. Bangalore Dirt Biking  

Many people love this outdoor sport. You’ll instantly locate a number of trail bike tracks with contemporary amenities geared to maximize your enjoyment and experience.  

The huge Rock Motopark in Shahpur is one of the most straightforward locations to ride your trail bike. Only on weekends is the track open to the public. Dirt Mania Outdoor Adventure is another beautiful location where you can rent quad bikes. These bikes are more powerful than dirt bikes. 

You may either ride the custom-designed track or create your own path. This is known as the character ride trail since it takes you up a hill. Because the routes are frequently somewhat convoluted, you may wish to hire a guide for this. 


Bangalore is an adventure hotspot with spectacular vistas of the Western Ghats, unrivaled adventure, and burgeoning adventure sports. The nice part is that adventure sports around Bangalore are plentiful in this global metropolis.  

You are in for a treat if you live in Bangalore or the surrounding area. Get away from the daily grind and the traffic, take a vacation and do something daring, something unexpected, to recharge your batteries before the next adrenaline rush. 

The place has something for everyone, no matter how mild or wild your experience is. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you may safely try out adventure activities and sports if you follow all safety rules. Now go out there and enjoy the adrenaline rush.