Exploring the underwater world is all fun and games until you are drawing and struggling to save your life. Snorkeling is a fascinating sport that requires both mental and physical strength. It is made especially for water lovers and people around the world enjoy it at the risk of their lives. 

Why is it risky? One little mistake can cost you your life. But it is not always fatal or a suicidal game. You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving with proper precautions and you will have the best time of your life.

There are different underwater sports training schools and individual trainers who help you enjoy your snorkeling experience. Anne Scuba Diving Inc is one such platform. But still there are some things that you should know before diving deep into the ocean. These dos and don’ts will save you from getting hurt and will also enhance your snorkeling experience.

The Dos Of Snorkeling

To stay safe and enjoy your snorkeling to the fullest, do these things and make it memorable. 

Invest in Good Quality Snorkeling Gears and tools 

Snorkeling is a tricky spot and you can hurt yourself if you don’t plan your every move accordingly. Snorkeling gears and equipment plays an important role in the safety of the snorkeler.

Checking all of the gears and equipment before diving into the sea is another great precaution that can save your life. Always check your gears and equipment to check for malfunction or damage. Most of the accidents occur due to damaged gears and organ failure underwater.

Snorkeling In Groups Is Better 

Snorkeling is not like scuba diving and for snorkeling prior experience or practice sessions are not required. But to feel safe and stay safe snorkeling with your friends or in a group is the safest option. You not only enjoy the experience but you can save yourself from any mishaps because of the support you are surrounded with. 

Choose Your Spot Mindfully         

The spot for snorkeling is an important factor. For beginners the spot should be a place which is shallow enough to make the surroundings more visible. 

Visible surroundings help you stay aware from danger. When you are underwater you have to stay aware all the time or you can get in danger. Wearing goggles helps you see underwater but shallow water is the one element that helps you have a better sight. 

Being aware of your surroundings underwater not only helps you stay safe but also helps you keep the underwater surroundings safe and peaceful for the other creatures.

Fins Are Your helper

Some people feel they are better off without fins. But that;’s not the case. Fins hel;ps snorkelers the same way they help fish. It increases the surface area of your feet and helps you achieve a more safer and efficient swimming pattern. 

Without fins you will end up putting more energy into swimming than those who are carrying fins. Without fins you will end up enjoying very little time snorkeling because of more energy consumption.

The Don’ts Of Snorkeling

Make your snorkeling experience an amazing one by avoiding these common mistakes: 

Don’t Mess With Marine Animals 

As a snorkeler you should know that you are going there just to observe and be amazed by the beauty of the marine life. Trying to touch or catch other marine animals can disturb their environment and it has adverse effects on the overall environment. 

Interaction with animals is different and disturbing them is something else. By disturbing them you can get hurt and that’s another drawback. Not only the animals, but you have to be mindful of the plants of the sea. Do not touch or walk onto the coral reefs. 

Don’t Go For Snorkeling When You are Tired 

Snorkeling and other underwater sports require a lot of energy. When you are tired and have done a lot of work before the snorkling, it is not advised to proceed with it. 

The water pressure on the body and the mental stress can take a toll on you and will destroy   your experience. That’s why it is advised by the expert snorkelers to do the sport when you are a stress free body mentlly and physically. 

Don’t Breathe Abruptly 

Working on your breaths and doing the breath exercises before snorkeling is as important as buying the right equipment. Exhaling underwater can disturb your snorkeling experience. When you are diving or when coming out of the water it is advised to ho9ld your breath. By inhaling you will suck the water and you don’t want to feel the salty ocean water inside your mouth. 

Breath calmly and as per the instructions given by your instructor. This way you will be safe and will enjoy your journey underwater. By breathing calmly and strategically you can make your snorkeling experience a little longer. 

Don’t Take Too Many Equipments 

Taking only necessary equipment with yourself underwater will lower the weight on yourself and will help you snork freely. Taking a l;ot of things underwater might put you in danger. You will not be able to move as quickly as you should and this can be dangerous in some situations. 

Take equipment that is advised by your instructor. Always choose good quality and lightweight gears and equipment so that the weight of necessary equipment is not too much. 

Don’t Forget Sun protection 

People often forget to use sunscreen but after snorkeling or any other water sport your skin becomes more sensitive to sun damage. The sensitivity is due to the minerals and salty water of the sea can make your skin super sensitive. 

After coming out of the water apply sunscreen or cover yourself with hats and other accessories.


Snorkeling can be a great experience for first timers. To make it more memorable save yourself and make this experience the best of all by following above mentioned tips. Anne Scuba diving Inc will help you have the best snorkeling experience.