Nothing is more annoying than going through your music archive and seeing “Track 01”, “Unknown Artist”, or “Unknown Album.” If you have a basic Internet connection this problem can usually be solve by utilizing your “Update Info” or similar media player’s information gathering method. This gathers information on songs from an extensive online database.

Yet, this doesn’t always solve the the issue, leaving some without media information (i.e., burned CD’s, indie artist, etc.). There are a few simple methods for updating these files ID3 tags manually. The updating method may vary depending on the media player you are using.

To edit multiple, select all the files that need to be corrected and follow the same steps. These methods utilize the most common two media players for editing songs mp3 download tags and organizing MP3s. The method for editing and organizing will be different depending on the media player, but most will utilize some variation of these methods. There are also many programs that will aide in updating and organizing. These programs will automatically update files that the “Update Info” engine built into the media player may not recognize.

One of these programs comes with multiple features that make updating the meta-data and cover art easier, and also attaches to the side of iTunes allowing for simple drag and drop from the iTunes library. The feature Clean listens to the MP3 and checks it with an existing database allowing even more accurate updating, and also allowing to decide if the updated information is the correct before applying it to the ID3 tag of the MP3. Another feature is Cover Art. This feature checks the ID3 tags of files and searches for the cover art of the file. Searching a database this feature provides multiple choices for cover art to allot for increased accuracy.

These features are great for updating the meta-data of the MP3, but programs like this also come with additional features that may not necessarily relate to updating ID3 tags and organizing MP3s, but are helpful and relatively related. One such feature is Universe. This takes the currently playing MP3 and displays artist biographies, related artist, related music videos, and merchandise opportunities based on the playing MP3. Another feature is the Concerts feature that tracks the upcoming shows of all the artist in your media library, and also allowing for one-click ticket purchase of the same concerts.

Tune-up is available for download from the Internet either for a free downgraded version, or a fee for the full version. The difference between the free version and the paid version is modest. The free version allowing only a select number of free download mp3 sent through Clean or album covers retrieved from Cover Art, as opposed to the unlimited uses from the paid versions. The free version does allow for unlimited use of Universe and Concerts, though. Yet, for a lifetime usage of the program, the paid versions assets far outweigh those of the free versions.

Programs like Tune-up aide greatly in the organization of MP3s, keeping from sifting through endless files and updating each manually, which can eat up hours of time depending on the amount of MP3 files that you keep on your hard drive.