March is the month of the match. The former WWE champion has been a UFC star with his four fights. He has defeated legends Randy Couture and Frank Mir, as well as Heath Hearing. He is not able to take on technical or elt belts. This is his weak spot. Heavyweights can be worried 90% because of his size and power. Brock seems to be recovering from his injuries. He will fight Shane Carwyn in June.

Both Brock and Shane Carwyn could potentially take on many fights. However, I doubt they will because of the level competition at both weights. Shogun Rau was ranked the top candidate, but lost to Machida at UFC 104. UFC 113 already has a scheduled match-up. Rau hasn’t been at his best since joining UFC, but Dana White and Joe Silva consider him the top fighter. Three fighters will challenge Shogun if Shogun wins the title. Anderson Silva, currently UFC middleweight champion has twice fought at higher weights and defeated James Irwin in the first fight.

Anderson Silva doesn’t have a problem fighting heavyweights, and I think he will be able challenge anyone. He stated that he won’t fight his partner in crime Lotto Machida, who is a big Eagle champion. Rashad Evans, a former champ is still recovering from the loss against Machida at UFC 98. He was supposed to face Rampage Jackson, a top contender but his commitments to acting prevented him from doing so. Evans has only lost one bout.

Now, he hopes to get a second chance at the top by facing Thiago Silva in UFC 108. This fight is the main event of the UFC’s inaugural 2010 event. Rashad might be able defeat opponents if given the chance. Randy Couture was a former heavyweight champion, and light heavyweight champion. He is now down to light heavyweight after two consecutive defeats at UFC 206. Randy was defeated by Brandon Vera after a controversial decision of a judge at UFC 105 in Manchester. Couture, 46, is a formidable threat to light-heavyweight. He showed his strength against Vera, and could pose a threat to Evans, Jackson, or Machida. Couture could be able claim the elusive title if he defeats Mark Coleman (a former champion of UFC 109).

Although it is too soon, Couture is a legend in UFC. A win at UFC 109 relentless would give Couture another chance at the title. Quinton Rampage Jackson. Rampage Jackson: What else can you say? However, he is a skilled fighter. Does he like fighting. Forrest Griffin defeated him for his first title defense. He defeated Chuck Liddell twice and lost to Wander Lai Silva once.

After the game of smoking wrestling history and facts, it was difficult to breathe. Wrestlers are able to achieve a higher level. Wrestlers are more capable of performing at higher levels and recovering faster from workouts. The researchers found that circuit training can increase endurance and produce higher levels of hydrogen ions.