PDF (Portable Document Format) files are widely recognized as a standard for electronic document sharing. With PDF’s flexible file format, information may be safely shared and presented. No matter if you’re a student or a working professional, editing PDF files is a need.

It takes a top-notch PDF editor to add images to PDFs without adding a watermark. It’s not possible to include images in PDF with every application. While there are many available tools for reading and converting PDFs, editing, adding, or removing elements from existing PDFs.

Best PDF Editor to Add Image to PDF: UPDF

As a PDF editor and annotator, UPDF is a joy to use and incredibly effective. It’s available for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS users. Among its many features is the ability to open, annotate, convert, encrypt and edit PDF. Although it would be impossible to detail every feature of UPDF here, the main features will be covered.UPDF is able to manage high volumes of work. No matter the size of your document, UPDF can handle it.

When it comes to user interfaces, the UPDF is among the most aesthetically pleasing ones. The interface is also really straightforward, so you won’t need any help getting started.Using the editing feature of UPDF, you can add, delete, rotate, crop, and resize the existing as well as the new images of your PDF document.

Let’s first take a look at the steps on how to insert image into PDF and then we will discuss the many other features of UPDF.

3 simple steps to insert image into PDF with UPDF

  1. Launch the UPDF on your computer and click on the “open file” button.
  2. After successfully opening your document, navigate to the left side of the panel and click on the “edit text and image” option.
  • Now, you will see a different interface. To add image to PDF, click on the “image” button on the top bar and select the location where you want to add your image. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop your image in the PDF document from your desktop.

What else can users do excepting adding image to PDF with UPDF?

Some PDF editors are lacking in crucial functions, and the only one that contains everything is too expensive for most people to use. UPDF, the best PDF editor for all platforms, has emerged as a solution, however, because its developers have taken into account user feedback and feedback from the industry as a whole.

User-Friendly Design

The UPDF has the most user-friendly design among all the PDF editors out there. As a user, you will not find it difficult to navigate across the UPDF to find different options. It is really simple and easy to use.

UPDF uses modern and sleek technology to provide the best user experience to people. Whether you want to edit your text or add a new image, you can easily find all the options in one place.

Read and Annotate PDFs

You may choose between single-page, double-page, scrolling, and double-page scrolling views in UPDF. Multiple PDFs can be viewed simultaneously.

It facilitates PDF reading by providing a toolbar with quick-access links to the beginning and end of the document. In a nutshell, it simplifies the reading process.

If you need a PDF annotation tool, UPDF got you covered once again. You may use the typewriter, sticky note, or text box to leave a comment suggesting a correction or expressing your opinion, and you have the option to remove the comment if necessary. Text markups such as highlighting, striking out, and underlining can also be added.

Edit PDF

UPDF allows you to make changes to the text as well as the accompanying images. The UPDF lets you modify the document in many ways, including adding, removing, and replacing text and adjusting the font’s size, color, and style. To start using this fantastic text editor, simply switch to the editing mode.

In addition to editing existing images, it lets you add new ones and move, remove, or rotate them around in any way you choose. UPDF also allows for the removal of images from PDF documents. Due to the UPDF’s user-friendly interface, doing all of these tasks is really simple.

Convert PDF

Converting PDFs to Word, Image (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF), PowerPoint, RTF, Excel, CSV, Text, HTML, XML, and more is a breeze with this best and affordable PDF editor.

Powerful optical character recognition (OCR) technology is used to convert scanned PDFs into actual text in fully editable file formats. The accurate interpretation of every word on the scanned document is ensured by the fact that this technology supports 23 different languages.

Choose the language of the document, then watch as UPDF’s OCR technology magically converts your scanned PDF into actual, editable text.

With UPDF, you may perform up to five conversions at no cost. You can get extra features by upgrading to one of their two affordable plans.

Organize PDF

UPDF also has a PDF organizer, which is a very useful function. UPDF is the only PDF editor that allows you to do anything from insert, replace, delete, and rotate pages to split a PDF into numerous smaller PDFs and extract pages.

Choosing a Page Range is an additional option. Choose odd, even, portrait, landscape, or all PDF pages.

Protect PDF

Password protection is crucial now more than ever because of various privacy issues. UPDF’s password protection options—both open and protected—are a standout feature. In addition to checking the PDF’s security properties, you may also disable password protection.

Share PDFs

Need to send a PDF to a friend, coworker, or anybody else? UPDF’s PDF-sharing function makes this possible. You may send your PDF document through email after editing it with the best PDF editor.

You may open it in UPDF, make any necessary changes, and then send it through e-mail by clicking the mail button in the right panel.

It will open your email client, at which point you may type in the recipient’s address and send the PDF file as an attachment.

Print PDF

When printing a PDF using UPDF, you have a wide variety of control over the output, including Page size, Orientation, Printer, Page sizing, Handling, and more. Just go to the File menu, select Print, make any necessary adjustments, and push Print.

Sign PDF Documents

UPDF allows you to digitally sign PDF documents without any hassle. You can sign any page of your PDF document and then share it with your colleagues or friends. It is indeed a handy feature and no other PDF editor can beat UPDF in this.


For whatever purpose you are seeking for a PDF editor, whether you want to edit PDF, share PDF, convert it, annotate it, secure it, or read it, UPDF, with all of its incredible features, will make everything simpler.

UPDF has all the features you need to add photo to PDF. Moreover, it also allows you to edit, rotate, crop, or resize the existing as well as new images in your PDF documents. The best thing about UPDF is that it is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.