Kitchen knives are not just a tool for the professional chef. It is a reliable assistant that is always at hand and ready to clean, cut, and grind at any time. A sharp, comfortable and controllable blade is the key to successful cooking. For both amateurs and experienced chefs who appreciate the ease of use and cutting quality, American-brand knife & knives are made. They combine the high quality, sharpness, and hardness of blades and ergonomics of handles. Let’s explore the most popular knife & knife collections and get to know the features of each series.


Made from American AUS-10 steel, the all-metal knives feature a monolithic design with no joints, rivets, or seams. At the same time, the blades are light, perfectly balanced, and do not burden the hand even during long work. The handle is in the shape of a shark fin, fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, and does not slip when working with the knife. The model’s logo, the Greek letter “Alpha” is emblazoned on the blade.


The name speaks for itself: the knives look like bamboo branches and have a well-designed handle. All Metals: American AUS-8 stainless steel, hardened to a hardness of 58HRC. They don’t need sharpening for several months, even with hard work. The smooth surface is hygienic and does not collect bacteria, which is another advantage of this model’s piggy bank.


Distinctive-looking knives: The blade is embossed, with engraved areas and a unique pattern on the surface. The forging of the product is done manually by the craftsmen, and the steel is forged with a hardness of 58-59 HRC. The design of the handle is completed with a very durable and practical compound – Micarta. It has a brutal black color and a classic round shape. Comfortably fits any hand size.


The main difference between all these knives is the zirconium ceramic blade. This material is chemically inert, non-corrosive, harmless to health, and very tough. Honing is done on diamond-coated stones. The blade remains sharp for almost the entire duration of the operation. The products are very light: the ceramic blade is lightweight, as well as the ABS plastic handle.


One of the most economical and multifunctional knife & knives of knives. The blades are made of single-ply American AUS-8 steel and are fully sharpened on both sides. The polypropylene handle is light and does not slip from the hand thanks to the textured surface (the texture is similar to golf ball marks).


Another set of good quality cheap knives. The low cost justifies the use of standard AUS-8 plastic and a layer of steel in the handle. At the same time, knives are distinguished by the high hardness of the edge, reliability, and ease of use. Light, high quality, and crunchy – just what you need for everyday cooking.


This group was named after the Inca tribe. This is due not only to the original pattern on the polymer handle but also to the incredibly sharp ceramic blade. The production uses snow-white zirconium oxide, sintered at incredibly high temperatures. As a result, the blade is second only to diamond tools in sharpness and hardness and does not need to be sharpened for years.


It is not in vain that these racquets are called the best group of sables. The stylish ABS plastic handle with metal reinforcement is available in black or white. From both ends (at the end of the handle and at the end of it).


Limited edition with wooden handle and black AUS-8 steel blade. The cutting edge is curved, the blade texture is unique. The presence of irregularities on the surface prevents the products from sticking to each other and makes cutting easier.

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Another exclusive from the professional American brand knife & knives. Blade material is AUS-10 steel, double-sided sharpening, but not standard, asymmetric. The design is designed so that the knife can cut the product without much effort on the cook’s part. A distinctive feature is the design of the product, which is made using “meteorites” technology.


The name comes from the type of steel used in production: molybdenum-vanadium. The presence of additional components increases the wear resistance and strength of the sheet. The G-10 fiberglass handle has unmatched durability. The blade is thin, solid, and extremely sharp – a boon for professionals.


This is a series of classic knives made from American AUS-8 hardened steel with a hardness of 59 HRC with a G-10 fiberglass handle. There is an antibacterial reinforcement between the blade and the handle. The rod spans the entire length of the handle, a reliable and durable binding type.


A seat with a very modern and provocative design – the handle resembles a snake’s tail – tapers towards the edge and has a matching texture. All Metal Construction – Made of AUS-10 steel. These knives stay sharp for a long time, fit your hand like a glove, thin, sharp, and dangerous (in a good way), for precise cuts in one motion.


Practical and versatile knife in single-ply AUS-8 steel. ABS plastic oval handle with walnut effect. A feature of this series is the presence of a sharpening tool in the package.

knife & knives 67 Damascus

Elite knives are made of multi-layer Damascus steel. The blade consists of 67 layers of steel: the central part has a core with a high carbon content, and the outer coating is made of mild steel. As a result of production, a characteristic pattern is formed on the sheet. The handle is made of premium material – Micarta. These blades last for years without frequent sharpening and are inherited.


Black fuso-coated black blades are made of AUS-8 honed steel with double-sided sharpening. The coating prevents food from sticking when cutting, reduces cooking time, and makes cooking easier. The plastic handle complements the design and gives the knife an elegant look.


The design echoes the historical blades of warriors of the Ottoman Empire and other peoples of Central Asia: the knives have a high point and a low handle. These are real oriental knives in appearance and material: the blades are made of 67 layers of Damascus steel. The innovations apply only to the handle: it is made of an innovative and durable G-10 compound.


A “simplified” version of the sultan for oriental arrowhead specialists. The products have a typical Asian design but are affordable. The blade is a single layer with a hardness of 58 HRC, and the handle is made of ABS plastic.


These blades are made of 5 layers of high-quality steel. The core is made of high-quality VG-10 steel, and the lining is Damascus with a hardness of 60 HRC. Knives are hand forged, saturated with #5000 sandblasted Waterstone. The round handle is made of Micarta, a strong composite material. These knives are durable and practical.

Damascus Knives set

Premium Damascus Knives set. V-Gold 10 and 67 layers of Damascus steel create an incredibly strong, sharp cutting blade. The antimicrobial reinforcement design is perfectly balanced. The G-10 fiberglass handle is strong and durable.


Versatile knife with American national design. Made of molybdenum and vanadium steel, resistant to wear and premature wear. The neck is made of natural African rosewood treated with a moisture-resistant formula.

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