Blockchain projects are looked down upon due to the several swindlers over the internet who use the name of blockchain to commit fraud. Given the amazing benefits associated with blockchain projects, it’s high time people know about the reality. Studies have revealed that around 87% of the population is aware of the blockchain projects, yet they refrain from investing in them.

This indicates that a good digital marketing strategy must be put in place for the development of blockchain projects and blockchain pr companies work day and night to make your projects stand out. This guide is dedicated to educating you regarding tips and tricks for digital marketing of blockchain projects.

1.   Find your target audience and market

If your aim is to source capital for the project from institutional and private investors, then the community is a major factor that plays an important role. However, if the project intends to source the capital from institutional investors and funds, public relations is the major factor here. Your story shouldn’t revolve around technology alone. The minute tech details might not be plausible for most investors.

2.   Build your reputation

You can begin by posting questions on bitcoin-related platforms for better engagement with the community. If you can’t build the engagement, buy it. Yet another effective tactic is to buy positions on blockchain-related sites.

·       Create cool

It’s your job to hype up your project. Create curiosity among the audience and make it look like the coolest project in town. All this could only be done by creating hype and buzz. Answer their questions like what’s the problem your project will be solving? How will your project contribute to making progress in the audience’s lives?

·       Community partner

Prove your value in front of the audience, which will make your project’s reputation trustless. Certain key elements that exhibit a value of your project are usage case, technology, altcoins, community, speculation, team, security concerns, ecosystem, etc.

3.       Basic tactics

·       Story drafting

The whitepaper of your product must include a roadmap, an appealing story and narrative, and tech. The target audience must be your main character in the story of the product roadmap. The story must narrate who the audience is, how your project will address their problems, what your project offers, and why should they give attention to your project.

·       Appealing model

In the case of blockchain projects, you must possess the skills to draft an image that excites and engages your target audience towards success. Explain to them your vision and position on the world map in the next five years.

Your model should answer how people are going to make money, save money or attain financial security from your blockchain project. Portray that your project is going to be a gamechanger in the near future.

·       Get mentions

The more the internet talks about your product, the more genuine it seems to the outside world. Get hold of the influencers, media, and blogosphere and seek mentions of your project in their social media accounts or websites. In the next step, work on creating backlinks, hype, and buzz in blockchain-related platforms.

Try to be constantly visible on Reddit, Telegram, and BitcoinTalk with your bumps, upvotes, and eye-catching content. Generate a FOMO among the target audience through creative digital marketing strategies.

4.       Premium tactics

For exclusive results, it’s very important to step up your game. Here are some premium tips and tricks you could adopt to take your digital marketing strategy to another level.

·       Strong press

Nothing can make a lasting impact like the traditional press release method. Send a press release to all the crypto, business, and blockchain-related media. The stronger and more appealing your coverage will be, the more views on your release.

·       Thought leader

As the leader of your blockchain project, speak on a relevant topic with utmost enthusiasm. Offer your commentary to the major current columnist of the media outlets. PR is not essential to build trust for blockchain projects but to create a trusting environment for the new product and company.

The reason behind raising money for the blockchain project is to build trust. This is backed by a psychological theory that suggests that trust can be built through managing expectations.

·       Controversy

Creating controversy can be equally valuable and disastrous. It’ll either make your product or break your product. Everything depends on your ability to defend your product from the controversy. If you can handle the controversy well, you will be rewarded with a loyal clan of followers.

Make the theme alluring by pitching your product against another industry. Put a strong explanation in place that defends your product and portrays it as a great alternative to the age-old inefficiency.

·       Persisting impact

Your product should be the only thing on your target audience’s mind since they’ve laid eyes on it. Keep reminding them at an interval of two-three days about your game-changing blockchain project. Inculcate multiple platforms, techniques, and locations to get the job done.

Grab attention by answering Quora questions or press releases at relevant sites. Make the most out of your youtube channel by uploading a super interesting short video. Look for ways to secure interviews with trending podcasts. Plus, pitch your product to third-party blogs that will speak positively about your product.

5.   Effective Tools


If used correctly, Reddit could be a strong and power-packed hub for engaging audiences. It’s the best for driving traffic to your blockchain project. It involves using real-time graphic visualisations and data analysis of the past data combined with the public API. Find the popular crypto and blockchain communities on Reddit to market your project effectively.

·       Blogs

The most effective and sought-after digital marketing technique is publishing blog posts on websites. From connecting with the target audience to improving page rank and search results. Plus, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It works amazingly as it generates leads and gets the users to buy your product.

Do you know what makes its impact viable? It’s the fact that currently, there are very few blockchain projects featuring their personal blog, so adding a blog would be a witty move.

·       Email

No matter how many social media apps come up to help expand the business, email marketing will remain the same. Email remains our primary tool when dealing with any professional task. So, the key is to collect email addresses by professionally approaching the audience.

·       Linkedin profiles

If you lack in proving your authenticity to the audience, your project is going to come crashing down. A strong LinkedIn profile will help build trust in your target audience. The platform is cost-effective for engaging with investors, media professionals, and users.


Since your blockchain project demands time, attention and money from people, it needs to be marketed strongly. It’s a very competitive industry, and you need to explain your product well to potential investors and users. The only thing that distinguishes winners from the losers is the blockchain project’s strong digital marketing strategy.

If you follow everything mentioned above step by step, your blockchain project is definitely going to take off.