Flowers have long been used to convey a diverse range of emotions, including love and grief. Flowers have long been used as a medium to show solidarity for the deceased person’s family and to offer condolences for their loss. When someone passes away, it might be difficult to convey your sorrow or condolences.  Since the beginning of time, funeral flowers have consistently been present at funerals and other final rites. Flowers have long played a significant role in funerals across all cultures and nations. Funerals are never simple affairs; they are sensitive, difficult times that require all available assistance.

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Lily –

Chances are if someone says, “This room smells like a funeral home,” a lily is close. This intensely scented blossom has profound significance and is frequently considered as the standard funeral flower. Lilies signify that the departed person’s spirit has reverted to a serene, innocent state. This blossom is a representation of innocence, virginity, and the brilliance of the soul. Flowers available at st louis funeral homes.


Funeral wreaths and standing sprays often include carnations. Each color has a distinct meaning, just like other flowers. In general, white tends to represent innocence whereas red tends to convey affection. Purple carnations might be a nice option for Catholic and many other Christian funerals as it is believed that they were made from the Virgin Mary’s tears. Order these purple funeral flowers online.

Orchids –

Unlike other funeral flower arrangements, orchids are ideally given to the grieving person’s house in a vase or bouquet. If cared for properly, these blooms can bloom for several months.  Orchid flowers are a suitable choice if you want to convey your feelings with depth and sincerity.  Orchid flowers are a suitable choice if you want to convey your feelings with depth and sincerity. The beauty, rarity, and durability of orchids make them some of the most prized funeral flowers. If you’re thinking about sending flowers to the deceased person’s family, these are really nice. Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis orchids are the two species of orchids that are customarily given to the bereaved during funerals or a time of mourning.

Chrysanthemums –

Chrysanthemums, also referred to as mums, are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for funeral arrangements. Chrysanthemums can also be associated with death in some European societies. Mums are able to sustain heavier flowers like lilies as well as make up a whole bouquet, basket, or spray on their own. Order and get flower delivery st louis mo .

Flower Colors and Meanings –

If it appears like the same colors are showing up at funerals repeatedly, it’s because, when incorporated in funeral flower arrangements or sympathy flowers, some specific colors hold certain meaning and significance. Which makes them more suitable for unfortunate events like a funeral

White: White flowers are the most typical funeral flowers, whether they are used alone or with another shade. In addition to connoting innocence and purity, white flowers are also frequently used at funerals. These include lilies, roses, carnations, and mums.

Red: Red flowers, particularly those with a rich, velvety red like roses, evoke feelings of love and loss. Funeral flowers like roses are common, but you can also choose vibrant red mums or red carnations.

Yellow: The color yellow is indisputably linked to friendship. Consider this happy tint to be inappropriate for a wake. Rethink that! Many of the most heartfelt bouquets contain at least a small amount of yellow. Funeral flowers work very well with yellow gladioli.

Lavender: Lavender flowers, which have the meanings of respect and sincerity, are a great choice for a funeral flower bouquet.

Now when you know what funeral flowers are best to express your grief. Order online and get flower delivery in st louis.