Today, it is easier than ever to spy on a person’s personal life, find out where they are, answer phone calls, read messages. Modern cell phones have the latest security features and technology, but they still have vulnerabilities. Some smartphones have built-in monitoring capabilities, while others can be monitored through phone tracking applications. Let’s consider a few ways to block text messages from another phone without installing free software. Some of these options are completely remote, while others require one-time access to the phone.

Reasons to spy text messages

The reasons why people want to scan someone’s phone may be ethical and legal, or they may be unethical and illegal. For example, parents have the right to track their children’s phone activity. But under US law, it is illegal to install surveillance software on adults over the age of 18 without notifying them. The penalty for doing this is at least one year in prison. So let’s consider options and how to use spyware.

  • Parental control: monitoring text messages and a child’s overall phone activity is a great way for parents to protect their children. It is the right policy and procedure to monitor your child’s cell phone because your main concern is their safety and well-being.
  • Catch a cheating wife: You can easily catch a cheating wife by tracking their text messages and social media chats. Many traditional and built-in spying programs allow you to remotely access the target phone and get the information you need. However, it is illegal to spy on your spouse and access their personal information without their consent.
  • Employee monitoring: Some companies install spyware on employees’ phones to track their calls and text messages. By doing this, they try to prevent employees from sharing confidential documents and company information about the company. You can get similar apps or tools to spy on the information from Tradekey.
  • Financial data theft: Thieves and cybercriminals use spyware to steal a target’s identity, passwords, and financial data. Such behavior is considered a crime and should be punished by law.

Options to spy on text messages

While many choose to install spy software, others use built-in cell phone surveillance to access them remotely. Let’s consider a few options on how to analyze text messages on different phones.

    Use spyware

Spyware is mobile software designed to anonymously monitor a person’s text messages, phone calls, location, chat, and browsing history. Often, they have many jobs. Let’s highlight some of them.

  • Undetectable: Spyware runs in the background and does not interfere with your phone’s activity. Once installed, they take up a small amount of memory (for example, 2MB) and remove the application icon from the menu. The only way to detect spyware is to check the list of installed programs in the settings.
  • No Rooting or Jailbreaking required: The most advanced spyware allows to track the text message of the target phone without being an Android device or jailbreaking an iOS phone. Also, you don’t want to compromise the security of the target device as it is the speed of various cyber threats.
  • Most spyware requires little or no access to the target device to track text messages or chats. After the successful installation of the application, you can access the spyware dashboard on your laptop through your browser to view media files, information and the location of the target device.
  • Keylogger functionality: Many monitoring tools not only track messages sent, received, and deleted, but also log them. The keylogger feature records every keystroke made on the target device, which allows you to read even messages that have been typed but not yet sent.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Today, many people prefer social media chats to text messages. Therefore, the spy software monitors social media conversations on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Viber.

    Spy on Apple ID

If you do not want to install a spy application and worry that a third party will access the content of a different device, you should take advantage of the built-in power of your phone. People who find out that you and your target should use an iPhone to spy on Apple ID.

  • Tap “Settings” on your device and select “Info”.
  • Then open the Send and Receive option.
  • Here you will see the Apple ID of the target device. Click “Add Email” and enter your Apple ID here.

After saving the changes, the device will share all incoming and outgoing text messages with you. The only downside to this method is that it is not anonymous. The owner of the target phone can open the settings and view your Apple ID at any time.