Here’s how to buy the best sunglasses that accentuates your looks  

The primary function of wearing sunglasses is to shield your eyes from dangerous sun rays and to keep dirt particles out of your eyes. However, they also have the capacity to boost your overall appearance and make you an appealing fashion statement on sunny days. Choosing trendy sunglasses may appear to be a simple task, but it is not always easy to find eyewear with more functionality that fits your face shape, skin tone, hair colour, and attire. Wearing the wrong size, shape, and design, on the other hand, is easier and frequently results in eyewear that does not complement your face, shape, and skin tone. Jade Black offers a wide variety of eyewear or sunglasses at a reasonable price. Also, get a 30% discount using the Jade Black Coupon Code while buying the sunglasses.

Picking the proper pair of sunglasses may be difficult due to form, size, colour, and UV protection. Here is the definitive guide to selecting sunglasses that complement your personality while providing enough sun protection.

1. Remember that both function and form are important.

Sunglasses look fantastic on your face, but they also serve a crucial purpose. They shield your eyes from dangerous UV radiation. This includes keeping their function and form in mind while selecting the best one. According to experts, sunglasses with a lens category of 2 or 3 are ideal since they efficiently decrease sun glare and give medium to high UV protection.

If you spend a lot of time on the water and looking for the correct eyewear, polarised lenses are a good option since they are constructed with a specific chemical that filters light and reduces glare even more.

2. Buy Your Size 

A huge frame on a tiny face can spoil your appearance, and a little frame on a large face is also unpleasant. This is why you should make sure that the frame size you select complements the size of your face. Make sure the lens, bridge, and arm length of the frame are appropriate for your face size so that you don’t have to push the frame up against your nose. Oversized frames suit those with long or broad faces.

Similarly, persons with petite faces should experiment with smaller frames with 52mm lenses. Try different frames to confirm that the bridge, arm length, and lens fit the face size.

3. The attraction of Opposites: 

When looking for sunglasses, find a pair that is polar opposite your facial shape. For example, if your face is square, you should choose rounded frames. Additionally, you should get square geometric frames with a round face. Heart-shaped faces should wear aviator or cat-eye sunglasses. People with oval faces can wear any of the frame styles listed above. However, before purchasing a pair of sunglasses, one should identify the contour of their face.

4. Buy the Classics

Because sunglasses are considered fashion items, investing in a pair you will use for many years is wise. Investing in classic-style sunglasses is usually a good idea because they can go with almost any outfit and be worn for years without seeming out of place. Sophisticated cat eyes, timeless aviators, universally attractive wayfarers, and other styles that you may wear with practically any outfit while shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays are fashionable these days.

5. Understand the Colour Required

While the colour of a lens does not normally influence the UV protection it provides, it does define the situations and activities for which the glasses are best suited. This is why you should select a pair of sunglasses with the appropriate hue to get the most out of your purchase. Grey glasses are frequently used to darken everything you view without changing the colours. Green tinted lenses are also more versatile, while brown tinted lenses boost contrast and are highly suggested for usage in inclement weather and athletic activities. Rose-coloured tints boost visibility on the road and are handy while driving. You may also wear them for an extended period of time because they aid in decreasing eye strain.

6. Purchase the Correct Colour for Your Skin Tone: 

When buying sunglasses another key factor to consider is skin tone. If you have light skin with warm undertones, use sunglasses in deeper brown, gold, or green colours. Dark-skinned people should wear bright gold, brown, or neutral colours. It is also ideal for complementing blue or pink colours on cooler complexion tones. This will immediately add colour to your skin tone and general appearance.

7. Think about your hair colour as well

Another important component that can enhance or break the overall look of your eyeglasses is your hair colour. Consider your hair colour while purchasing sunglasses to create a stunning fashion statement. Because of the contrast they generate, dark colours for light-coloured hair add an enticing flash of colour. People with light hair, for example, can select a hardwood frame in dark grey or brown with green-tinted lenses. Individuals with dark hair might choose dark locks with light or pastel highlights to improve their overall appearance rapidly.

8. Frames of Any Style: 

As previously said, some frame types suit different face shapes better than others; yet, there are some frame shapes and sizes that have universal appeal. Because they are less angular and rounded, such frames look well on most facial shapes. Purchasing universal-style sunglasses allow you to use them with a variety of clothes.


Choosing the proper pair of sunglasses may be a daunting task. You can successfully pick the greatest frame with the proper lenses for your lifestyle if you have the right information and know your face shape.