The most frequently encountered error of Windows is not authentic can be caused by a pirated copy of Windows installation. If you’re using a copy that is not licensed of Windows operating system, no need to worry. It is easy to fix this copy of Windows. We have 2 solutions for Windows issues that aren’t authentic.

After installing Windows OS on your computer you’ll have to activate it using the activation code. Activation ensures that your copy is legitimate and licensed. Windows could show the message “This copy of Windows isn’t authentic”. If it’s not activated or determines that the copy is illegally copied. Your screen will become dark and you won’t be receiving any updates, with the exception of important security updates. While you are able to change your wallpaper, it will return to black after 60 minutes. So , how do you resolve this issue? Find out more about how to remove this copy of Windows is not a genuine error.

There are numerous ways to fix “This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine“. Both of these methods work on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems. Check out all the options that can aid you in solving “This Copy of Windows is not authentic”.

1. Run slmgr -rearm Command

If you’re using the genuine copy of Windows operating system, but you’re facing issues. These are the steps to solve it. These steps can help you get rid of the “This copy of Windows is not authentic” error.

1. Open Promptas Administr.

2. Type slmgr Rearm and hit Enter.

3. Wait for the Command completed successfully dialog box.

4. Click OK

5. Restart your laptop/computer

After restarting your laptop or computer using this command prompt technique. You can quickly fix the issue. this copy of Windows is not real.

2. Uninstall the KB971033 update.

Microsoft releases regular updates to tackle piracy malware and virus. But, these updates could also generate a false result and reveal your real copy as a fake one. These steps will allow you to get rid of this Window isn’t genuine error

1. Go to Settings on the Start menu.

2. Click on the Update and Security tab, then choose Windows Update.

3. Click Update History to get a list of previously installed Windows updates.

4. Search for the Windows update KB971033 from the Windows Updates list.

5. Double click on it and Uninstall the update.

6. Restart your laptop or computer

This is how you can fix “This Copy of Windows is not original”. If this method is not enough, go through the following procedure that utilizes a third-party application.

Final Words

If you don’t have the original version of Windows you should purchase one to ensure your PC is secure. If none of these approaches work, you can restart Windows with either USB or CD or DVD.

You can also try this solution if it does not work for you. (Command Prompt)

Windows 7 build 77601 not authentic fix cmd free

So here below are some easy-to-follow guides and highly effective ways to get rid out of Windows. This Copy of Windows is not Genuine build Windows PC error from your PC entirely. We will now show you how to repair Windows This Copy of Windows Doesn’t Have a Genuine Build error. By deactivating the plug and play option, we will help you get rid of Windows. This Copy of Windows is not a genuine build error.

With the slmgrcommand in the Command Prompt can get back from this kind of Windows. This Copy of Windows is not authentic and permanent to fix issue. Uninstalling update files can result in the malfunctioning of other program files, or an unexpected data loss on the computer. To secure your computer from unintentional deletions, EaseUS Backup software is recommended.

Step 1. Select the ” Select backup contents ” button to start backup. Step 2. Step 2. All network and local files will appear on the left. To choose files that you would like to back up Expand the directory. Step 4. Follow the screen guide onscreen to select the destination you’d like to save your backup.

Select ” Options ” to encrypt the backup with password in ” Backup Options “. Set the schedule for backup and choose to backup the backup on a an event specified within the ” Backup Scheme “. There are other alternatives you can consider to customize the backup task according to your need. Step 5. Step 5. EaseUS Todo Backup lets users to save data to cloud storage from third-party providers and its own cloud drive. To save data to the cloud drive of a third party click on Local Drive. Scroll down to add a Cloud Device and add your account.

You can also pick EaseUS’s cloud drive. Step 7. Step 7. Click ” Backup Now ” to begin backup. After the backup process has been completed, it will be displayed as a file on the screen. Right-click the backup task to more manage it. After you have downloaded all updates remove the update “KB”. This should resolve the Windows error message “Windows is not authentic”

Enter the command rsop. The command execution is expected to complete. Reboot your PC to ensure that the issue is genuine and will not be corrected. After you have solved the problem we suggest disabling automatic updates. Disabling automatic updates will not allow users to upgrade the version of Windows or get security and bug fixes. However, it will not stop you from receiving the Windows copy. It’s not authentic or error message.

So, in order to not have to deal in any situation of loss of data resulted from any cause we recommend using EaseUS Todo Backup. With this ultimate backup tool, you can ensure your data is safe. How can I fix this version of Windows 7 is not genuine build?

To ensure that Windows 7 is not genuine. You must first determine whether or not you are using a legitimate Windows license or not. When you have entered the above command into the command prompt window then press the Enter button to execute this command. Step 4. Step 4. When you press enter the confirmation window with information regarding command execution will be displayed. Step 5. Step 5. Then restart your computer. Following the restart you won’t get this error again. This is similar to Windows 7 build or , This version of Windows is not authentic.

The default setting for windows updates is set to Automatic download and installs updates. Which install the most recent security, compatibility, and many other updates every day. Microsoft issues updates to fight fraudulent operating system installation as well as license keys. Sometime, these updates provide false-positive results. The original product key expires, and Windows 7 shows an error. If you find that your Windows 7 becomes non-genuine after updating the windows then take these steps.

The problem is only going to occur it occurs when Windows 7 is updated again. File backup and system backup, and disk backup and partition backup can be realized by using this professional tool to backup. It also has the capability to restore. You can create multiple backup options, such as incremental, automatic, and differential backups. Additionally, disk management is available if you select an option for backup. Free Download.

Next, choose the backup destination and storage location on the Backup page. All system partitions are selected by default. To backup partitions, files or the entire disk, you must navigate to the Source section. And then select the type you want to backup. Step 3: Go back to the Backup page and Click Back up Now to start the backup. Windows 7 should now be able to detect and resolve the problem.

If the message still exists If the message is still present, try the following procedure. Windows 7 includes a built-in tool to remove Windows 7 fake.

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