For your Cyber Monday human hair wig choice, here are some human hair wigs you must have to ensure glamorous and convenient wear daily.

The must-have human hair wig types:

The girls are required to have three types of human hair wigs to fit different occasions or activities. Here are some recommendations from Curlyme Hair.

First, colorful wigs

It is widely common for each wig girl to have one colored wig in their room, whether darker color or light color, the color wigs can not be avoided. They can fit well in all pleasure occasions, such as parties, big events, romantic dating, and so on. The colored wigs add uniqueness and glamour to your appearance.

Blonde wig: This is a dream for each wig girl, the pretty girls who wear it show glamorous, and each girl has a different beauty. The blonde wig shows uniqueness in different seasons and highlights crowds.

Brown wig: Never go wrong whether for daily wear or formal occasions. They allow the girls to enjoy gentle and romantic looks with the highlighted colors. More special than black color, the brown color wigs add a dreamy feel for you.

Second, glueless wigs

Always it will happen that you require to outdoors urgent, and the glueless wig helps you at all times. The glueless wigs allow the girls to enjoy convenient wear in daily or urgent activities with a tidy and clean look. What’s more, the glueless wigs avoid the glue used and are healthier for your scalp and hairline.

Glueless wigs can be worn easily, and the types of glueless wigs in Curlyme such as headband wigs, glueless frontal wigs, glueless closure wigs, U/V part wigs, and wear go wigs.

The lace size used: Glueless frontal wigs are larger than M-cap wear go wigs, wear go wigs, and glueless closure wigs. And the price of glueless frontal wigs is more expensive.

The style choices: The glueless frontal wigs are more than glueless closure wigs, however, the wear go wigs are more convenient and flexible in styling.

The price: The glueless lace wigs are more expensive than headband wigs, and V/U part wigs.

Third, lace front wigs

The lace front wigs, whether lace closure or lace frontal wig, allow the girl’s styles in different methods to fit well in formal occasions, including weddings, graduations, and so on. By creating the melt hairline, they leave a glamorous and charming look on important occasions.

The melting effect: The hd lace wigs are better than Swiss lace, transparent lace, and dark brown lace. The colored lace front wigs in Curlyme are applied transparent lace, and the natural color wigs are applied HD lace materials.

For your texture choices, if you unknown how to select the texture, here is some advice from Curlyme.

For your summer texture of human hair wigs, the bob, body wave, and water wave can be selected. They not only keep a cool feel in summer but also show pretty glamorous looks in wet hair or dry hair, more suitable for taking photos.

For your winter textures or cold weather, the kinky straight, curly, deep waves are more suitable to keep warm and dress up well with your clothes. And the brown color is more glamorous.

Human hair wigs with various types can be chosen for each girl in Curlyme, if you have difficulty making choices and do not know how to select 100 human hair wigs on Cyber Monday, this advice can be considered.