Be it selling a home in West Huntsville or a condo in New Market, paying the 6% realtor commission is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

This is why some homeowners use the services of flat fee MLS Hunstville AL companies to list their properties on the MLS – the central place where agents find homes for their clients.

But how to list on MLS? This is a simple guide on the top flat fee MLS Huntsville AL companies that can help you do the same. Let’s get started.

1. Beycome

Founded in 2016 and based in Miami, Florida, Beycome provides flat fee MLS services in Huntsville too. It offers three packages: $99, $299, and $599. The full-service package of $599 will cost sellers a 1% commission on the sale price. 

Beycome provides advanced features such as managing the listing, showing schedules, organizing offers, and listing on the local MLS. 

Sellers can cancel their purchase if they don’t get at least two offers or sell within 90 days. The process of getting offers and negotiating is completely online. They also get two house value estimates to help price the home. 

The website does not mention much about the buyer’s agent fee. Beycome has a rating of 4.5/5 across major review sites. 

2. Houzeo

Houzeo is ideal for sellers seeking many a-la-carte options. The company is 100% online and offers plans that are typically a small flat fee. This helps sellers save thousands. Plus, if the buyer is not represented, sellers can also save on the buyer’s agent commission. 

Listings by Houzeo are syndicated to the local MLS and hundreds of other sites like Zillow, Redfin Trulia, etc. 

The company also has social media tools, which provide added exposure. It is easy to list and changes are quick to make. Houzeo combines human and digital elements aptly. 

However, you will have to shell out extra for pricing assistance, which local competitors provide for free. Also, sellers are limited to 10 free changes to their description and status. Some rivals have no such cap. You can check out Houzeo reviews for more information.

3. Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group is great for experienced sellers who require only a basic MLS listing. Sellers can also set up a free FSBO page with the MLS Listing. 

The company provides three packages i.e. $349, $399, and $999. The key features of the full-service and premium plans include 50 photos for a listing term of 6-12 months, closing assistance, help with negotiation, and document review.

On the technology front, the company is quite technologically advanced and offers a showing time app. Even with the limited package, one can upload up to 25 photos. 

However, there is not much scope for huge savings compared to its competitors. As far as reviews go, not many reviews were available on credible websites to give an opinion.

4. Flat Fee Realty

This flat fee MLS company is a good option for budget-conscious sellers who are seeking a simple and affordable listing. 

However, it is important to note some things about the firm before you decide to list with them. It is only licensed in Connecticut and has ties with listing brokers in states where it is not licensed. 

In Huntsville, they provide only one Flat fee MLS plan which costs $179 and let sellers upload 6 photos. If you want to put out more photos then you will need to shell out an extra $50. 

Another word of caution is that their listing agent will keep 0.5% of the buyer’s agent commission for the services offered by him in the state. 

This is not it. The listing agent will also keep 0.1% to 0.25% of the buyer’s agent commission, for reasons that are not mentioned on the website. 

5. I Sold My House

I Sold My House is a type of referral service, which links sellers to local realtors who in turn help list their homes on the MLS. 

The company offers flat-fee packages starting from $299 through to $399. The packages include open house scheduling without any extra fees. One of their differentiating features is that they forward all buyer leads directly to the seller. 

To feature the listing on I Sold My House’s homepage and sidebar, the sellers can pay $50 per month. This will give the property added exposure. 

However, the company’s packages are a bit stringent and there’s not much scope for customization. Besides, there are not many a la carte options to choose from. Plus, some past customers have had complaints about customer support. 

Final Thoughts

When selling a house, homeowners want to keep maximum profits in their pockets. For this, bypassing the hefty real estate agent’s commission is needed. When confused about how to list on MLS, flat fee MLS Huntsville AL companies can be of help. However, it is advisable to make the choice wisely to reap maximum benefits.