Dudhsagar Falls Trek is famous for its four-tiered waterfall, which creates a cascading effect and has been a popular destination for tourists for years. The magnificent waterfall is located close to Kulem located on the Mandovi River. The forest area surrounding Dudhsagar Falls provides thrills for nature lovers, allowing visitors to get closer to the natural world.

The waterfalls are stunning during monsoon however, they are an attraction that is popular throughout the year. You can spend the whole day in the beautiful green forest and waterfalls to enjoy a relaxing getaway with your family and friends.

The Journey

  • Begin your journey by picking you up from the nearest landmark in the shared AC vehicle.
  • Around 6:00 am at Candolim, Baga, Calangute, and Panjim bus stations.
  • Enjoy a 12-kilometer safari in a jeep across Mollem National Park to the Dudhsagar waterfalls.
  • Relax and take a refreshing dip into the water with a life jacket that is suitable for you.
  • It’s about protecting your safety while having fun with your buddies.
  • Keep your day going by taking a visit to the spice plants.
  • Also, you can choose to have fun with an elephant ride for an additional cost.
  • Get a taste of Goan cuisine and delight your palate with a non-veg or vegetarian lunch.
  • It’s included in the Dudhsagar Falls and Spice plantation tour package.
  • Make sure you end your memorable day by enjoying a complimentary Old Fashioned.


The Falls at Dudhsagar Visit

The enormous Dudhsagar waterfall, renowned for its breathtaking views and stunning views, has earned the position among Asia’s ten largest waterfalls. Its acrobatic crest rises to the height of 1017ft. The phrase “sea of milk” refers to the white mist created by water cascading down to the pool formed by calm water that is formed at the base of the waterfall.

The story of the past

According to the legends, the story goes that a princess bathed and dumped the milk into a waterfall to stop people from observing her beauty. You’ll be amazed by the lush green forest, also known by the name of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary which is the home of several birds and animals.

The trip in a vehicle that is rough to the waterfall, and the time you spend in the waterfall will have you feeling rejuvenated. Make sure you have your camera in hand to capture the incredible moments you capture during your journey.

Jeep Safari Day Trip to Dudhsagar Falls

The breathtaking Dudhsagar Waterfalls are located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary as well as Mollem National Park in Sanguem Taluka situated on the lush and evergreen trees of Western Ghats.

The Mandovi River flows through the Western Ghats and gushes down from an elevation of 1017 feet on the slope of the mountains. It offers guests a breathtaking vista.

Because of its milk-like color, Dudhsagar is known as the “sea of milk”. Gushing water from around 300 meters above is captivating. It’s like milk flowing from the mountain tops.

It is widely known that Dudhsagar waterfalls become more captivating during the monsoon time and since it’s the time of the year for tourists it’s the safest access. Numerous trains pass through the magnificent beauty of the falls However, very few stops at Dudhsagar.




Cost of a Full Day trip to Dudhsagar Falls

Prices start at the price of Rs. 1699 per person, and kid age 3 or more. The excursion includes a jeep rental as well as transport (pickup for drop off at hotel) and admissions with a guided tour.

Goa wildlife tour as well as a buffet lunch. spice farm. We are always able in making the Dudhsagar waterfall trip unforgettable.

The journey to the Falls

The stunning location can only be reached by foot or by railway. It also has a difficult and rocky path that is suitable for vehicles with four-wheel drive However, visitors must trek for around 1km to reach the bottom of the waterfalls. There are jeeps for hire that cost the amount of Rs. 1200* and can carry six people at once and the driver waits for an hour and a half at the location of a drop-off before returning guests.

The most strenuous hike begins within the city of Kuveshi. But, it isn’t feasible during the monsoon season because the route traverses the Mandovi which is too rough and swollen during monsoons.

There’s an additional 11-kilometer route that starts at the railway station Kulhem/Collem and gives passengers a beautiful panorama of the Ghats and valleys.

The most well-known excursion

The most well-known tourist destination starts with Castle Rock station in Karnataka. It is a 14-kilometer hike through rugged terrain, so be prepared. There aren’t any places near the waterfalls in which water or food is available So visitors must bring their own.

From September through May, excursions often suggest taking the trip. It’s an all-day affair that includes the option of a picnic lunch that is in the beautiful natural setting of the waterfall. Certain excursions include a stay of one night at the foot of the falls, where you can sleep in tents outdoors.

During monsoon, hiking is the only option to reach the waterfall since it is filled with runoff down the slopes rendering the navigation of vehicles nearly impossible. While getting to the waterfall during the monsoon time is hard, the sheer splendor and beauty of this natural marvel are well worthwhile.