It is the Sandakphu trekking can be called one of the most stunning of the treks. It is located inside the Darjeeling district in northwest Hill Town. When you trek there you will view four of the highest mountain ranges in the world. From the summit of the hike, you will be able to see towering peaks of 8000 meters high. At approximately 12,000 feet above Sandakphu, you will be able to observe the Everest cluster to the left. Trekkers can view Everest as well as the fifth and fourth highest mountains on earth, Lhotse and Makalu. The Kanchenjunga can be seen to the right side, as well as the family of mountains. It is the third-highest summit that the hiker can view from their right. This is why you are at one of the few places that allow you to see all the peaks that are 8000 meters high. It’s not the only reason to visit. When you hike the Sandakphu Trek, you get an excellent glimpse of The Sleeping Buddha, the family of these mountains, and it is visible until four days later.

A Brief Itinerary

What is what makes Sandakphu an absolute must-try is the stunning tasty treats that can be enjoyed via a moderate trek. The trek is set to begin at Bagdogra and then go towards Sepi, Sepi to Samanden and then on to Molley then to Sabargram via Phalut, and then to Aal before heading back to Gurdum via Sadakphuand and finally back to Sepi. These are the main points that will be you will encounter during the trek lasting up to seven days. There are many wonderful camping spots throughout the trek. There are beautiful teahouses, breathtaking views of the sunrise over the Sleeping Buddha, and snow-covered bushes and trees. These are all stunning scenes.

Sandakphu Trek also known as the Singalila Trek has the highest point in the state of West Bengal. There is a myriad of beautiful scenes to see in these areas. These include the most exquisite orchids with the greatest concentration all over the world. They are in their best form. Gorkhey Khola, Ramam River, Siri River, and Lodhama River are the rivers that beautify the heavens on Earth.

Must Haves For The Trek

There are a few precautions that need to take before setting off for the hike. This includes having a certified guide or guide/guide, which was required in recent years. The tour operator could also arrange for a guide arrangement for the trekker if he already has one. The trekkers should be sure they have an official permit issued by the Forest Department. It’s more than a permit to trek, it is an entry permit for park visitors in the National Park. The trails are marked. You can easily navigate by following the track. However, it is advised and prudent to carry an experienced guide along the way. For Manebhanjan to Sandakphu the distance is 32km and would take approximately two to three days. It would all depend on how much distance you can cover in one day.

Is It Suggestible With Family?

The answer is Yes and No. It would also depend on the people within the family. Also, as the level of knowledge they possess. Everybody can participate in an excursion, but Sandakphu is located at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Therefore, there could be extremely hazardous conditions along the way. The difficulty grade of the hike would be rated likely to be moderately risky or in a 6-out of 10. It is recommended for families to take a hike. The views and the scenery offer a chance to experience the scenery to experience once in a lifetime. However, kids have the chance to take advantage of the chance later.

What can families do? Phalut along with Sandakphu is famous as the perfect destination for trekkers. There are also arrangements for families to visit the region. It is possible to take jeeps around the park for families and guests. Additionally, a trip to Singalila National Park can be an option for families.


The ideal time to hike in Sandakphu is in April-May and between November and December. However, this is an all-season trek, and each month has something unique to provide. From October until December it could be guaranteed that the skies will be clear and will provide tourists to enjoy the views of all the mountains. Also, during May and March when you can see the flowers in all their splendor, with carpets of flowers throughout the area. In the event of large snowfalls like that in December, trekkers need woolen clothing along with snow boots and tents. In addition, one would require highly experienced guides to know the difficulties. With a lot of trekking experience and a sense of prudence, the Sandakphu hike can be unforgettable.