The famous cartoon character Rick Sanchez has made his way into Battle Royale, the world’s most popular online game. Follow these steps to unlock the Rick skin for Fortnite Season 7. In Fortnite Season 7, Grandpa Rick is a part of the Battle Pass, which requires some hard work to earn. Battle Pass is already available to Fortnite Crew subscribers who have activated their subscription.

Unlocking him, however, isn’t as difficult as you might think. Due to Fortnite Season 7’s return of the Battle Star system, players only need to accumulate enough stars to unlock them. Battle Pass items can be opened in the order players choose through the Battle Star system. Therefore, Grandpa Rick can be unlocked as the first skin this season. In this guide, you will learn about Fortnite Rick Sanchez with all details.

Location of Fortnite Rick Sanchez

It also rewards players with some experience points if they choose to see or speak with Rick Sanchez in the game. In Fortnite, you can locate Rick Sanchez at what seems to be his lab, which is situated at the top of a cliff, east of Weeping Woods. As part of the quests in the game, you need to talk to Rick Sanchez. As the location has a large dish emitting red light and can be seen from above, any player will not have any trouble finding it. Rick stays on the 1st floor of his laboratory. 

Sanchez is one of the stars of Rick and Morty, an American sitcom created by Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon. Based on the show that debuted over a year ago, Rick and Morty are immensely popular for their unique style and funny lines. In Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, along with other alien characters, the character makes its Fortnite debut.

Features of Fortnite Rick Sanchez

It will probably contribute to skin sales, but it will also make Sanchez more visible to Sanchez’s adversaries. Even though all characters in Fortnite have the same hitbox regardless of their skin tone, the game’s distinctive cel-shaded appearance may give would-be Rick Sanchez players trouble because it stands out against most of the backdrops.

1. Aliens invading

You’ll notice many changes with the new alien theme, including more lore and the arrival of a new character called Doctor Slone. The feeling is part of the Imagined Order (IO) and is tasked with saving the planet from the alien invasion. You’ll need the help of Slone and the IO to keep Fortnite safe.

It appears that flying saucers, which can be hijacked and shot down, are one of the most notable changes. As long as you board one, you can fly around the map to take down your opponents or get away from the deadly storm. Players can use these saucers to defeat their opponents by having mounted guns on them. The saucers can even pick up vehicles and building materials, which is a neat new feature. You will also need to act quickly if you want a saucer because saucers are likely to be highly sought-after.

2. Personalized characters

Another notable change is the possibility to customize your alien, thanks to the new Kymera outfit. Fortnite has offered customization options in the past, but this is by far the most comprehensive, allowing you to change the head, eyes, skin color, skin pattern, armor, and more. You’ll need to purchase the battle pass (more below). Upon obtaining the battle pass, you will access the Kymera outfit. Alien Artifacts, which serve as a form of currency, will be needed to purchase each part.

It costs two Alien Artifacts for the Webbed Head style, while three for the Gazing Head style. You can get this currency as you play, similar to how Gold Bars worked in previous seasons. There are several places to locate them on the island, or they can be found in Cosmic Chests scattered throughout the world.

3. A new weapon

New weapons are part of every season of Fortnite, which is no exception. IO will provide you with a slew of new firearms to choose from. In addition to the new Rail Gun, which can shoot through surfaces; the Flexible Pulse Rifle, which has a more extended range; and the Recon Scanner, which is a device for surveying your surroundings. Doctor Slone gives each of these weapons is provided to you by Doctor Slone, and they can all be obtained around the map.

Although the aliens possess their technology, you can look forward to seeing the Kymera Ray Gun throughout the season. Additionally, Epic Games has revealed that more weapons will be added as the season progresses.

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One of the other notable things about season 7’s new gadgets is the updated crafting materials. Nuts and bolts will transform ordinary weapons into stronger counterparts this season. In contrast, the SMG can be upgraded into a rapid-fire SMG, while the assault rifle can be upgraded into a burst rifle. It is possible to enhance each base weapon’s performance on the battlefield, so keep an eye out for those upgrade materials.

4. Changes to maps

A new season of Fortnite wouldn’t be complete without map changes. During season 7, you’ll notice a few new spots to visit on the map, even though the overall layout of the map remains the same. There is still a significant point of interest in the center of the map, but the orange branching paths of season 6 have gone. Because of the alien invasion, you’ll notice many subtle differences, especially in the terrain and color palette, so keep your eyes peeled for new areas.

The set and cost of Fortnite Rick Sanchez

However, the Battle Star system has one catch, making it difficult for players to unlock Rick. There is a level requirement of 90 for Rick’s cosmetics, so players must have at least 90 levels to purchase them. Players may also unlock Page 10 by collecting 89 Battle Pass rewards. The Rick skin in Fortnite can be bought for 9 Battle Stars once players open page ten. Also included with Rick is a cosmetic set of eight other items. A 7-Star pickaxe is included with Rick. Six Stars are required to purchase the Butter Robot Back Bling. Five stars will cover his weapon wrap, and six will cover his glider.

There are also emoticons, emotes, sprays, and loading screens in this set. He can be the first skin player’s purchase; however, they would have to spend a lot of V-Bucks on Battle Pass tiers to get him. Rick is essentially the Level 100 skin for this season, so it makes sense why he would take longer to unlock. In addition, Rick has a skin variant that turns him green and slimy. The style is found under a different Battle Pass tab and can also be purchased with Battle Stars.

How to get the Rick Sanchez Skin in Fortnite?

Getting the Rick Sanchez skin in Fortnite is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. First, players must have an active Epic Games account and have Fortnite installed on their devices. Once they have done that, they need to head to the in-game store and look for the Rick Sanchez skin in the featured or daily items section.

If it’s not there, players can also use the search bar and type in “Rick Sanchez.” Once the skin is found, players can click on it and select the “purchase” option. They will then need to use V-Bucks or real money to complete the purchase. After the purchase, the skin will be added to the player’s locker and equipped in the Locker section of the game.

It is important to note that the Rick Sanchez skin is a limited-time item and may not be available in the store forever. So, players should act fast to get their hands on this iconic skin. Overall, getting the Rick Sanchez skin in Fortnite is an easy process that can be completed in just a few minutes. So, get ready to step into the shoes of one of the most beloved characters from the hit animated series “Rick and Morty” and show off your style on the battlefield.

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