Georgette is a fabric known for its lightweight, dull-finish and flowy texture. The history of georgette goes back to the 20th Century when a French designer named Madam Georgette La Plante introduced the world to an innovative fabric known as Georgette. It is believed that the source of inspiration behind the creation of this fabric was to make a more durable fabric as compared to Chiffon. At first, the georgette fabric was made using silk threads, The use of rayon and other blends was done as a result. One of the captivating features of georgette is the crepe-like twist texture. The fabric is produced by a twisted yarn with a crinkle effect applied to the surface. Mostly you will find, solid georgette fabrics but with the innovation in the textile Industry, the fabric can be made with floral prints also. Another intriguing feature of georgette is its absorbent nature which makes the process of dyeing very easy and you can avail thousands of prints and patterns or even get easy customizations done.

With digitization and the introduction of various techniques of manufacturing, dyeing and printing, there are a few categories of fabric to choose from.

  1. Silk Georgette or Pure Georgette: An all-weather fabric which strong, sturdy and wrinkle-resistant. It is a translucent fabric with a coarse texture. There are many benefits to silk georgette, including breathability, high absorption, and hypoallergenic properties. The luxurious silk georgette fabrics are made of 100% silk. The high-in-demand fabric is the perfect choice for making bridal outfits, Anarkalis, fusion dresses, shirts, high-slit kurtas and so much more.
  2. Crepe Georgette: Made using a firm twist yarn. The sheer and grainy fabric is also known as traditional georgette. One of the first kinds to be produced.
  3. Double Georgette: As the name says, it is a thicker version of georgette fabric with a semi-transparency but it looks very elegant when draped. The falls come naturally.
  4. Stretch Georgette: It was made with the fusion of spandex at the time of weaving, giving the fabric extra spreading properties.
  5. Satin georgette: The satin fibres add a lustre and gloss to the dull-finished georgette fabric. It also enhances the fabric with smoothness.
  6. Jacquard Georgette: The fabric is produced using a jacquard loom, building upon an additional strength to the fabric along with the woven jacquard design.
  7. Polyester Georgette: A simple and cheap version of georgette made using polyester yarn. One can the local markets flooded with polyester georgette fabrics.

All the above types of georgette fabrics are used differently by different designers. Although Chiffon looks elegant but Indian customers prefer less sheer clothes and they incline more towards outfits made with Georgette fabric. Although pure georgette fabric is equally expensive when compared to chiffon, it is wrinkle-free and much stronger. Indian sarees are mostly made with pure georgette only as it looks charming on draping and any type of embroidery works well on the fabric. Just like other fabrics, you have to take care of the fabric. Maintenance is required like using a mild detergent if you wash at home. Too much exposure to the sun makes it lose its colour. Mostly you have to undergo a dry-clean for it to last for a longer time.

Looking at the Indian fashion Industry, Various designers have used georgette fabric in their latest collections. According to Smita Joshi, VP of home textiles and Design expert says this year belongs to sheer fabrics like georgette. Even ace designer Anita Dogre’s latest collection, “A wildflower in love”, is made with easy-to-handle embroidered motifs inspired by nature. All of them have been hand-crafted on pure georgette fabric. All the Bollywood fashionistas rock their ethnic look in georgette dresses whether it is a saree or a salwar suit or sharara-garara. Even one will find beautiful and graceful georgette pieces in home decor. From curtains to covers, the royal fabric is at the top of the charts.

What is most important is your choice and the way you carry any outfit. Once used only by the Royals, today georgette has reached every nook and corner of the country. The durable fabric is something meant for everyone. From evening gowns, and slit dresses to maxi dresses, salwar suits, and jackets, you will find everything made with fabric. The easy-breezy fabric will make you fall for it. Happy shopping!