We may be surprised by how much more the internet and digital technologies are influencing our psychological and physical growth.

In recent decades, technology has grown at an incredible rate. Every element of our life is being revolutionized by inventions like the internet, cloud computing, cellphones, and numerous more. There have been effects on government, business, fundraising, travel, and even agriculture. What about our minds, though? Do we internally change as a result of all this new technology? Professionals in psychology are among those who concur.

There is little question, according to Psychology Today, that all new technologies, headed by the Internet and digital technology, are influencing our thought processes in ways that are both positive and negative, overt and covert, purposeful and accidental.

* There are several ways in which contemporary digital technology is undoubtedly changing the way we interact with the outside world and the way our children’s brains develop, despite the fact that research in this area is still in its infancy and there are no conclusive findings that have been accepted by science. These territories consist of:


Evidence shows that our attention spans are getting shorter as a result of our dependency on the internet and mobile devices.

According to a new research, our attention span has shrunk by 4 seconds, from 12 to 8, making it less than a goldfish’s. † The vastly increased number of distraction alternatives might be one explanation for this decline.

Why should we put up with boredom when we can all carry about computers in our pockets that let us play games, listen to music, and communicate with friends anytime we want? Of course, having a shorter attention span will probably have negative effects. How frequently do we miss out on crucial discussions or events because we are engrossed in our mobile devices?


You must purchase a new vehicle. What action do you take right away? If you’re like the vast majority of people, you conduct research online.

In fact, you may go to the internet for guidance on every type of decision you need to make, including where to eat for dinner and how to launch a new job.

As a result, as a species, we are no longer limited by our instincts and may instead absorb information in an effort to make wise judgments.
Relationship Building

However, is this anything good or bad?

But isn’t maintaining contact with loved ones all over the world a way to maintain bonds that could otherwise sour?

Although nearly 70% of Americans believe that the internet is good for relationships, it is still unknown whether children who grow up with smartphones will acquire the kinds of social and relationship-building skills that are necessary to create long-lasting and meaningful relationships or if our species will grow an aversion to and discomfort with close, personal contact.


We have access to a vast quantity of knowledge thanks to the internet, and our personal computers can save all of our to-do lists and random ideas so we can access them later.

According to recent research, “pervasive access to knowledge has impacted not just what we remember, but also how we recall.” ** Our reliance on the internet has decreased our ability to recall information rapidly. However, it seems that humans are getting better at remembering where and how to get information.

For example, we are now more likely to recall the folder in which we placed information than the actual content itself.

Similarly, when asked a factual inquiry, we are more likely to recall search phrases that have led us to solutions for previous inquiries of a similar nature than we are to recall the fact itself. **

How can you find out more about how technology affects psychological growth?

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Advancements in modern technology are actually making us safer with Bot Detection technology to avoid scams and data leaks. Not only can new forms of password protection help to safeguard our digital files and documents, but advances in voice recognition and gesture control also create a heightened degree of security for our devices and homes.