People have utilized the advantages of cupping for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments, including boosting the immune system. Although no credible scientific studies demonstrate these advantages, user feedback indicates that it was a positive experience.

It helped them in getting better with mental health as well as physical issues. 

What is hijama cupping therapy? 

Cupping therapy is an alternative treatment involving placing glass cups on the skin to perform a suction process that facilitates the healing process through blood flow to the places where the cups are.

From the areas where cups are placed, the blood vessels are affected beneath the skin because these vessels are opened, and there is a better blood flow. 

It is mainly used to treat physical stiffness in the body and also for mental issues. The blood moves toward the affected, and the healing process starts. 

Benefits of Hijama therapy 

There are many claims regarding the advantages of cupping therapy, but it should be noted that there are not enough studies to demonstrate its efficacy.

 Nevertheless, it has become apparent in the recent growth of cupping therapy due to its use by well-known athletes to treat muscular issues and relieve pain.

Even though preliminary studies support cupping therapy’s efficacy, it has gained popularity in recent years thanks to famous athletes who use it to treat muscular pain and relieve pain. 

Cupping keeps blood moving through the circulatory system and prevents it from stagnating in some body regions.

Further, it also helps with the respiratory system and mental problems. Many people are using this therapy to treat their depression and anxiety as it relaxes their body, and there is less stress on the body.

Can you become a Hijama specialist or by Hijama course?

Several institutes are offering hijama course, which has significantly impacted this industry. You can become a hijama specialist and start your clinic, but some things need to be taken care of. 

  • Make sure the reviews are good while selecting the institute 
  • Read the outlines of the hijama course carefully and ensure they are teaching all the techniques to become a specialist.
  • Do proper research before enrolling in the course.

Hijama course can be very beneficial as people are doing this job for a living and there is good demand for it.

You have to make sure you are following all the courses which also tell about the side effects and precautions for the therapy as it is a medical procedure is a sensitive job to do, so you have to make sure it is done correctly without putting human life in danger. 

Side effects of hijama 

Hijama Cupping therapy frequently leaves violet marks or circular bruises where the cups were positioned. It should be noted that these symptoms can last for up to two or three weeks before they start to fade. Other side effects like pain, swelling, and burns may also manifest.

But there is no such significant side effect of hijama. You can consult your doctor before having the therapy for the best precautions.

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Ava Green
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