Hello, exiles! Here, I’m bringing you the smoothest Magic Find build I’ve ever played in POE 3.23. Its damage, tanking strength, and even clearing speed are all very satisfying. Let’s see how this build runs. 

How It Works? 

Our skill choice is Penance Brand of Dissipation. You need to create a brand, which will connect to the enemy and start collecting energy and POE Currency. Each energy causes more and more damage over time. The maximum energy is 20, at which point the brand will deal maximum damage until the brand ends or the target dies and jumps to another target. 

In order to level up faster, you need a high cast speed to gain 20 energy as quickly as possible. We added mix poison so we could play Pathfinder and be more tanky than all Brand builds. 

How We Reach 100% Poison Chance? 

With the removal of Alternate Quality Gems, we lost Herald of Agony’s poison chance. So we need to find a new way to achieve 100% poison chance. 

I came up with a simple solution. We take away all the poison chance from the tree so that we can get to 65%. We can then use Cluster Jewel with Septic Spells for 20% and Herald of Agony for the other 20%. Now we have a 105% chance of poison. 

How We Using 3 Curse? 

In my builds I almost always use the unique ring Anathema for extra curses, and most of the time we apply Arcanist Brand. But this time we don’t have that option. Because default limits the target brand to 1, using this can be clumsy. 

Then I came up with a very simple solution, using Asenath’s Gentle Touch unique gloves. This will bring us a curse, which is Temporal Chains. We always use this in poison builds. Of course, you can also choose to buy POE Currency to buy a Corrupted and hit another Curse at the same time. 

Also, I chose Enfeeble for several reasons. If we Self Casting Despair, we can use the extra damage from quality, which is also much cheaper. Because neither Temporal Chains nor Enfeeble get anything from quality. 

In short, using gloves, we can cast two curses and Self Cast the third. In addition, gloves also increase our scavenging capabilities. Because when you kill an enemy, it explodes. This will cause a chain reaction and blow up the entire screen, greatly improving our efficiency in farming POE Currency. 

Mapping And Clear Options, Charms 

Speaking of explosions, we have access to a very cheap unique wand, Obliteration. This will also give us an explosion when we kill an enemy and give us additional physical damage. It only requires 5 Chaos Orbs. 

It’s important to note that because the damage from Asenath’s Gentle Touch is physical damage, we’ll also take additional damage from the explosion. 

In my opinion, Charms are one of the greatest additions to Affliction League. You can easily use them to suit your needs. 

For this build, that’s Spell Suppression. They give us Wither effect increase and Frenzy on hit. Also, we get a very interesting stat: Charms increase the poison duration of every poison you’ve recently inflicted, up to 100%. 

This Charms alone gives us an extra 2 seconds of poison damage, which is truly huge. Because we can run around until Brand kills the boss. 

Why So Tanky? 

On defense, since we’re playing Pathfinder, we can’t unleash the maximum damage reduction from the build. 

We convert 98% of physical damage into elemental damage. Among them, the use of Lightning Coil alone reached 50%. Another 23% comes from Taste of Hate, 10% comes from Watcher’s Eye, and the last 15% comes from the helmet. 

Because we treat so much damage as elemental damage, we can use all elemental damage reduction flasks, such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz Flasks. This way, we can reduce the damage we take from physical damage converted to elemental damage. 

We also use rare shields to increase the maximum resistance to 78% and retain a little of life. This way, we can get an additional +1% maximum elemental resistance through Reservation Mastery. 

Petrified Blood And Wave 10 Ultimatum 

If you have not used Halo before, using Petrified Blood will prevent us from restoring more than 50% of life without Life Flask. In exchange, we will stagger the damage we take, and it will damage us over 4 seconds. 

We had an insane recovery from our Ascendancy. Since we took Pathfinder, we can use Master Surgeon node. This will keep our Life Flask active if our life reaches saturation. 

We have over 2k Life Recovery just from our Life Flask, and that number is growing all the time. 


Next, let’s talk about some of the unique POE items we used in this build. 

Let’s start with the primary source of damage reduction, Lightning Coil. This will give us a huge physical damage reduction. 

Then there’s Asenath’s Gentle Touch unique gloves with Enfeeble Corruption. This will create an explosion and help us meet the intelligence requirements for gems and wands. 

Also, we need two unique rings. I’m using Ming’s Heart for the first time, which gives us Chaos Resistance. And the ring itself accounts for 40% of our damage. So even though this reduces your life and energy shield, it’s difficult to replace. Another unique ring is Anathema so we can have 3 curses in the build. 

We also spend Divine Orb to roll the effects of Amulets and Shields. On Shields we try to aim for high life and maximum resistance. It also requires a huge amount of life in terms of Amulets’ attributes and casting speed, and performs poisonous attacks. 

Passive Tree 

Finally, I just want to discuss some of the things this build requires on Passive Tree. 

We use 2 Large Cluster Jewels with Wicked Pall, Unwaveringly Evil and Unholy Grace. On the other side of the tree we used 2 Medium Cluster Jewels, Brewed for Potency and Flow of Life. 

The chance that we use Ancestral Vision Modifiers to suppress spell damage also applies to Avoid Elemental Ailments, which is only half its value. 

It’s worth mentioning that we need to use a single rare gem that has a mana retention efficiency of 2% and can hold all auras. 

Because we chose Wildwood Primalist, the poison duration of each poison we inflict is increased, up to 100%. We also used a large energy shield helmet + 1 maximum energy shield per helmet to dodge attacks. There is also the effect of suppressing and increasing Withered. 

In short, this Penance Brand of Dissipation Pathfinder Magic Find build will bring different fun to our gaming experience. Not only does it offer massive damage and excellent clearing speed, but it’s also versatile to kill monsters and farming. With the right gear and jewelry, it can become an unstoppable force!