Who doesn’t like a bit of oomph and glamour in their private little lives? Men, just like anyone, have an innate desire to find the proper clothing – from their lingerie to their suits – that looks flattering on them.

Well, mens lingerie is created with that specific desire in mind. It’s made to boost a man’s figure, making them feel like they’re the most attractive person to walk on the planet.

But to have that feeling, you must pick the right lingerie. How do you do that? You consider these three significant factors and think thoughtfully before making your choice!

  1. Pick a familiar style

The first and most important rule in choosing mens lingerie is finding something you are comfortable with. If you wear something that doesn’t match your style or comfort level, it will automatically reflect your attitude. 

For example, if trunks are your comfort zone, you can stick to this style. Next, you can choose the fabric and determine what kind of design you would prefer. 

For a very long time, cotton fabric dominated the market by 68%. But that doesn’t mean you cannot venture beyond that!

If you do want to get out of your comfort zone, you can start donning new looks and proceed to choose something risqué and unlike before. 

But it’d be best to start with something familiar and then slowly evolve to newer designs.!

  1. Understand your body type

Most people look at the lingerie products on models and believe that they would look the same on them. Unfortunately, everyone’s body type differs and how!

As much as body positivity is encouraged, you must also be honest with yourself.

If a particular fabric or lingerie style hasn’t worked for you before, it may be time to let go. Pick something that caters better to your body shape. 

Boxers and briefs are some of the safest options for average-looking body types. They almost always cling to men’s bodies in the right way. To make it a bit racy, you can play with the colours of the fabric.

It all comes down to how it makes you feel when you wear the undergarment. If you feel sensual and confident, you’ve made the right choice!

  1. Fabric matters

You will wear your undergarments for most of the day, and they will supposedly cling onto your figure as much as possible. So, for something that brushes against your skin that much, choosing a fabric that offers an extra touch of comfort is essential. 

Picking the right texture that creates the right sensations can make your entire experience wonderful. 

Pro tip: Pick nylon lingerie. The little bit of transparency gives a sneak peek of your skin in the most delightful of ways, while the veil creates a sense of mystery. On the other hand, you can never go wrong with silk lingerie, either. They are gentle and will fit you like a glove, making the best silhouette. 

Depending on your mood and the special occasion, you can play around with different fabrics and find one that adds spice to your activities!

Final words

When it comes to finding the right underwear, all you need to focus on is choosing the right size, the choicest fabric and a familiar style. If you want to tread on adventurous waters, you can step out of your comfort area and go rogue.

But as long as you choose something that gives you comfort and confidence and allows you to be unabashedly yourself, you’re good!