Over the last few weeks, we been publishing a new series of videos called Jornada MASTERS. In it, we have gathered the best tips and teachings to buy youtube subscribers cheap that we learned in the latest edition of Hotmart Masters.

Wait a minute, you don’t know what Hotmart MASTERS is? It’s our event globalonline and 100% free with conversations and lectures by the biggest names in the digital market.

And to start this new series, we brought entrepreneur and digital influencer Tiago Fonseca, owner of one of the most popular entrepreneurship channels on YouTube, to show you how to buy youtube views and turn views into sales.

If you’re interested, just watch the video below, with a presentation by Stefânia Pereira, videomaker here at Hotmart.

Now, if you want to read the transcript of this conversation, just scroll down to find out how to increase your views on your Youtube channel and turn your audience into sales!

How did Tiago Fonseca get started in the digital market?

Tiago started in the digital world in 2013, when he created a comedy channel on YouTube, which was a success and gained more than 13 million subscribers.

After a while, he decided to create another channel, this time focused on entrepreneurship and based on everything he learned. But he didn’t stop there and decided to create a new channel, this time focused on finance!

As you can see, he hasn’t stopped creating content. And, of course, he realized that in addition to generating an audience, it was also possible to use YouTube views to make more sales.

Tiago Fonseca’s secret to increasing the audience on YouTube

First thing, you need a “why” to follow. So, one thing people don’t realize is that when they start producing content for YouTube, they think only and exclusively about what they want to say. But they don’t think primarily about what they really have the authority to say.

And then there’s something I call imposed authority and perceived authority.

Imposed Authority x Perceived Authority

Imposed Authority is when you come in and spew your resume: “Hello, my name is So-and-so, I’m a graduate of Harvard College, this, that …” But you squint at the person, but you don’t recognize the authority of it in them.

It’s the same thing, if you see a guy, this guy takes off his shirt, and this guy has his whole body cracked, with the buds showing, you say, “Damn, this guy is really hot.”

Does this guy need to say that he has a degree in Physical Education for you to recognize that he is an authority in the Fitness world? Not.

So think, you are the authority of something, but there is a big difference between you being visibly the authority of something and something that you call yourself authority. He understands?

So the first thing you have to do is look inside yourself and think about what people perceive me as authority. And not what I’d like to throw up in their faces that I’m an authority. That’s not the biggest point.

When people really notice, really see that authority in you, it will be much easier for you to grow through YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, it is one of the main search engines on the internet. So, how to grow within this scenario? There are three paths: paid traffic, viral effect and organic searches.

paid traffic

There are three ways we can grow on YouTube. The first way is the way that every entrepreneur starts growing on YouTube, which is by making, for example, paid traffic, through ads.

Is it possible to grow through ads? Certainly. Is it possible for you to have a lot of followers through ads? Certainly. Only these followers you will not have their love.

And that’s why you realize that great entrepreneurs can, for example, have a super strong YouTube channel in terms of subscribers, but when you go to see that person, they basically don’t have views there. This is because the channel was built through paid traffic. He understands?

Paid traffic buys you attention, but you don’t buy love. So through paid traffic you pay and you just pop in front of people. Nice. But these people they won’t come back to look for you. These people will not remember you. These people won’t care about you. And these people will not love you. He understands?

But we don’t have to just want the audience anyway, or the numbers there. We have to want a really qualified audience that comes back to be able to look for us. If you arrive through paid traffic, the person makes that first contact with you, they may even subscribe to your channel, but they will never come back. So, this is the first way for us to grow, through Paid Traffic.

viral effect

The second way is through the Viral Effect, that is, we produce content, play it on the platform, or play it on Facebook, somewhere else, and this content starts to reverberate in a very big way that ends up impacting, for example, on YouTube. . That’s exactly how I ended up creating my first channel. It was a channel 100% focused on creating viral content, content that spread.

Did you understand? YouTube, it characterizes content in three ways: Hero, Hub and Help. We will go into this detail, this issue, but I need to explain this to you.

So through Viral Traffic is a way for you to grow.

organic searches

And the other way, which I believe is the simplest way for someone to grow on YouTube, is through Organic Search. We need to understand, YouTube today is the second largest search engine on the internet, losing

only for Google which is the first, which is even from the same company, is from the same owner. So, if YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, the first thing is for us to understand: The smartest way to grow is using what it is, a search tool.

Well, it’s already clear that the simplest way to grow on YouTube is to create content to be found by the public. But how to be found in the midst of so many subjects?

choose your theme

So, the first thing you have to do is this: knowing that the simplest way to grow is through search, what are you going to talk about? Am I going to talk about weight loss? Not.

Am I going to talk about entrepreneurship? Am I going to talk about makeup? I’m going to talk about… What is the subject you are going to talk about?

Search the keywords

Now do a search on: What are the most searched subjects. What are the most searched keywords in your niche. Go to Keyword Planner, keyword planner in Portuguese, put it there, keyword planner, which is a Google tool, by the way. And you start researching which words in your niche are the most searched for.

Nice. On top of these words you will create your titles and you will create your content. Because? Because that way you guarantee that your content will be searched and it will be found.

Let’s imagine I’m an expert on eggplant. No one is looking about the eggplant. You go there and you know: Gee, I wanted to talk about eggplant. But why don’t you put: How to lose weight with eggplant? That is, you use “how to lose weight” which is an extremely sought-after term, and you use eggplant which is the subject you want to talk about. Did you understand?

So you create a kind of comet, where you put the information that you want to say in the tail of that comet. And then you are sure that this content will be leveraged through organic searches.


In addition to appearing in the list of organic searches, it is important to pay attention to the types of content: HERO, HUB and HELP. The first one, Hero, is better produced and more likely to be shared.

HERO is the most viral content. It’s that content that is better produced, it’s that content that really, as the name says, is a superhero.

When you think about HERO content, it’s content that is more elaborate, production is more expensive, it’s content that really clashes with all the content you produce.

Another type of content is the HUB, ideal for connecting and engaging your audience.

The HUB is that content that connects with your audience. So, it’s content that your audience won’t find you for.

I see that a lot of times people produce content that people will really enjoy listening to, people will build up a lot of loyalty if they watch that content, but no one is looking for that and no one is going to share that.

This is the HUB content. It is incredible content for you to engage your audience, for example, with questions and answers, for example. A content that talks more about you, about your life, about your personal side, about curiosities about you, that engages like crazy. But no one is looking about it, and no one is going to share this content either. This is the HUB.

And the third type of content is HELP, which the name itself says: made especially to help your audience.

And HELP is content totally focused on helping, so much so that the word already says: HELP, that is, it is content that you produce knowing that people want to learn about it and are looking for it.

It’s ok, Tiago. I understood the three types of content. Now, which one is more suitable for those who want to grow on YouTube?

The best content for you to grow knowing they exist: HERO, HUB and HELP is HELP, which is fully focused on YouTube searches. HELP are content basically focused on tutorials. Tutorial of what? Tutorial related to your niche.

So now that’s your homework. Think, what kind of content can you produce for your niche? For your market? Knowing that people are looking for it, knowing

that people really want to learn about it, knowing that if you produce this you’re going to help these people a lot, and they’re looking crazily about it?

Did you write it down? The homework now is to find out what are the most searched keywords in your niche and fill the space with your content.

For example, everyone is looking for tips on how to lose weight. Now, imagine that the word slimming is a great avenue, a great avenue that thousands of people pass by every day. Your role is to place as many stalls as possible, as many shops as possible on this great avenue that is this word that is being much sought after.

Unlike viral content that goes viral, loses its vibe, loses its peak and is gone, this is the type of content that will bring you traffic forever. So that’s why I advise you to start producing this kind of stuff knowing that it’s going to be the simplest way to grow on the platform, and also, it’s going to be something that will feed you forever.

4 steps to produce a good video

There are four steps we need to follow for a video to be a winning content when it comes to sales, it needs to: arouse attentionGenerate ConnectionDesireand then comes to Action. On a YouTube channel, we have to follow the same rules.

  • First step: get this guy’s attention, with amazing content.
  • Second step: awaken connection in this guy. That is, getting him interested in you, getting him to like your content, getting him to like your channel, getting him to come back.
  • Third step: arouse this guy’s desire, and the quality of your content, the quality of your information, and how relevant it is will arouse this guy’s desire to buy another product from you.
  • Last step: ask him to do something which is usually: buy some product.

So, get the person’s attention, generate connection with them first, generate desire for your product, and only then want to sell.

And then a lot of people don’t understand, they say: I don’t know why my channel doesn’t grow. Because you want to sell to the guy right away. Stop being the boring “big salesman”, who wants to be selling to people all the time.

Worry first about generating quality content, generating relevant content, being someone interesting, being someone worth following, and after that about arousing attention, connection and desire, then you want to sell.

So, is everyone ready to follow Tiago Fonseca’s techniques and strategies? This conversation was part of the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS, our free, global, online event.

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