The PTE exam is one of the most popular exams for students aspiring to study abroad. The exam has four modules but we are going to focus on the speaking section of the PTE exam in this article. If you want to move abroad then it is important for you to get a good score in the PTE exam. A lot of students think that it is very hard to get a good score in this exam but if you make use of some effective tips you can definitely get a good score in the PTE speaking module.

You just have to follow some basic tips in order to do wonders in the speaking module. Actually, it is not as intimidating as many students think. Basically, students don’t have speaking practice. Since most of the students are non-native speakers of the language therefore they are unable to frame the sentences correctly while speaking. Many of them end up fumbling while speaking English. Therefore it is essential to understand some basic tips and tricks which can definitely enhance your score in the PTE exam. If you’re someone who is scared of the speaking module then keep reading this article as we are going to suggest some really effective times to boost your score in the PTE speaking module. Additionally, if you want to prepare under the guidance of expert mentors then join the finest PTE coaching in Jalandhar. 

Now, read the below article to grasp the understanding of effective tips to do well in the PTE speaking module:

What is there in the PTE speaking module?

In the PTE speaking module, you have to complete 5 tasks in total. You ought to do well in all five tasks. These tasks include 

  • Read aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe image
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answer short question

Personal introduction

In this part, you have to talk about yourself. You can talk in brief about your hobbies, interests, educational background, etc. This item is solely for a personal introduction. It is not going to be scored. Do remember that you will have 25 seconds to prepare the content for your introduction. Also, you have to start speaking once the microphone begins recording your voice. If you speak before the microphone starts with a beep then your voice won’t be recorded. So listen carefully to the beep sound and then begin speaking. 

If you speak hastily the computer won’t be able to comprehend your voice with ease. Therefore speak clearly by giving appropriate pauses. Now many students will be wondering how much time a personal introduction takes up. Well, it can last up to 30 seconds. You need to wind up your introduction before the progress bar reaches the end. The screen will display a ‘completed’ message once you are done with the recording.

Read Aloud 

In this task, you have to read aloud the given text. This text will be there on your screen. Speak clearly and not in a hurry. You should speak with perfect pronunciation and fluency. Lack of it can affect your credits. If you have trouble pronouncing words correctly then try to build your pronunciation skills before you appear for the PTE exam. 

Repeat Sentence

In the next task, you will hear a sentence and then you need to repeat it. The clip will play automatically therefore be very attentive. Once the clip stops then you need to record your voice by speaking the same sentence. You will get credits on the basis of your listening skills and ability to speak the sentence with correct pronunciation and fluency. Now some students do not pay attention to the audio clip. As a result, they are unable to repeat the sentence in an exact manner as in the audio. Therefore fully focus on listening to the audio. 

Describe Image 

An image will be shown to you on your screen. You need to describe this image correctly. Now let us inform you that you will have 25 seconds to study the image and frame some ideas in your mind. After the time is over you’ll hear a beep. You need to begin your task immediately then, Try to speak by using correct pronunciation and fluency. Don’t get confused and fumble while speaking. It will reduce your chances of attaining a good score. 

Answer short question 

In the final task, you will need to answer a general question. It will be related to your usual lifestyle. You have to answer in just a few words only. Some students elaborate on their answers but they end up going off the mark. See this is not at all advisable. You need to keep your answer clear and concise. Stretching it without any relevant point will affect your scoring. If you aspire to get a good score in the PTE exam but require the guidance of expert mentors then you can join PTE online coaching and better your preparations. 

Re-tell lecture 

You must retell the lecture in your own words, as instructed on the label. After the audio tape is finished, you must repeat an academic lecture.

It is preferable to jot down the relevant words or phrases on the notepad. These essential keywords will aid with your memory of the talk. This is not a too difficult task. You just need to listen carefully and retain the information in your mind. Then you have to re-tell it using correct pronunciation and fluency as usual. 

Summing it up

One of the most popular language proficiency exams for students who intend to study abroad is the PTE exam. If you have done enough practice for it then you can surely manage to attain a good score in the PTE exam. We hope the above article will make things clearer to you and enable you to wonders in your PTE speaking task.