We’ll admit it: even with the top study materials available, taking a Certificate 4 in Information Technology can be a stressful experience and full of uncertainties. In addition, there is the pressure of passing the test you’re paying for and the desire to succeed the first time.

To help you figure out all the nebulous “what is ifs” about passing your certification exam for technology, We consulted with experts and learners who took and passed the exam themselves for tips on how to prepare to pass the test on your first attempt.

Start with foundational certifications first, mainly if you aren’t sure where to begin.

For example, you have four levels of certifications within AWS: foundational, associate, professional, and specialty. Still, that foundational level is the stepping stone to get you into the next level of Certificate 4 in Information Technology.

Beginning with the basic certification (especially if you’re entering the exam with an unrelated background) is usually the best choice because the higher-level tests are generally an addition to the “base” exam. The knowledge you acquire at the fundamental level can help you decide if you are looking for a wide variety of generalist capabilities on the cloud or want to specialize in a field like security or machine learning.

Make use of the official exam webpage provided by the vendor.

Whether you’re seeking an exam through AWS, Microsoft, Google, or any other organization that offers certifications, there’s an official exam website that you can access. This is not only the website you’ll visit if you plan to take an exam. However, these pages are an excellent source of initial sources to help you prepare for your learning, such as:

  • A listing of topics and concepts that the test will cover.
  • Exam-style questions that are sampled
  • An exam manual (which is, in reality, what instructors from third parties employ to create the exam materials and learning curriculum)

Exam prerequisites

If you’re studying for a foundational exam with one of the three major cloud companies. Don’t let the requirements of up to six months of working with the platform deter you. There are plenty of options to get you up to speed fast.

Learn with a guided path on Pluralsight

Pluralsight Paths are collections of courses focuse on a specific subject which is helpful. So for preparation for certifications in technology in which the learning goals are comparatively specific. They are tie to particular domains in the test. Along with the certified classes, Paths on Pluralsight can offer additional study tools. For instance, if you’re working towards the exam AWS Cloud Practitioner, the Path will comprise:

The list of services includes a simple description of the services offered in plain English.

Services quizzes mimic flashcards that help you learn each service’s names.

Guided notes that aid you in absorbing and retaining details which will allow you to maintain the most important details

Learning scenarios that give an understanding of a subject that exam questions provide.

These extra resources especially the guid notes and services lists are intend. As tools you can use offline to help you study until the moment you take your exam.

Note down the acronyms you don’t understand, then find them on the internet.

A significant portion of preparing for certifications is learning the many distinct names and acronyms. The vendors employ to describe their services. The work required to recall them all is tiring and exhausting.

Alongside using service lists to help you learn, break your study time into distinct portions each day. So that you’re organize about your study habits, and note down any unfamiliar acronyms. You encounter during your study outline to reference them after your session.

Diverse tips and excursions to prepare you for your certification test

You shouldn’t review the information too many times. I also saved all my study notes and materials when I was getting ready for the test. As they’re excellent reference materials to refer to later at work.