In Windows, you can use the Run window to check the motherboard model number. Press Windows+R to open the run dialog. In the run dialog, choose “System Summary” and look for the line that reads “BaseBoard Product”. If you don’t know the model number of your motherboard, you can use a free GUI tool called Speccy to find it. This will give you a list of all motherboard models that are compatible with your system. Best Motherboard Providers By World PC Tech


Speccy is a third-party software developed by Piriform. It is used to analyze the hardware and software on a computer. It also provides information about missing Windows security updates and hotfixes. Unlike Windows, Speccy can be downloaded from the internet. In my experience, it’s a great tool for discovering motherboard information. Its menus are easy to use and provide detailed information about the hardware on a computer.

The first step in identifying the motherboard model number is to read the documents that came with the PC. These documents usually contain the model and serial numbers for a motherboard. Once you have these documents, you can use Speccy to see which model it is. In addition, Speccy is a freeware application and does not require any premium subscriptions. This tool displays the motherboard information on the left panel and summary page.


To check the motherboard model number of a computer, you can download the free CPU-Z tool from the Internet. Once downloaded, open the tool using the Start menu or a desktop shortcut. Click the motherboard tab to see detailed information about your motherboard, including the manufacturer and model number. The motherboard model number is useful for further exploration on the Internet. Listed below are a few ways to check the motherboard model number.

You can use Windows System Information to check your motherboard information. While this program does seem to be compatible with most motherboards, it sometimes fails to recognize a motherboard. Click the Windows system information icon in the Taskbar and type “msinfo32”. Once the program has opened, you should be able to see your motherboard model number. If the software doesn’t display the information you need, try searching for it on the Internet.


HWiNFO64 displays all the important system information like CPU, memory, GPU, hard drive, and much more. It displays everything in a window. The left section of the window displays the CPU, while the center section shows the motherboard and RAM. You can also view the motherboard’s model number and model family. For more information, visit the HWiNFO64 website. Then, follow the simple instructions to install the program on your PC.

You can check your motherboard model numbers by using the cmd command-line tool. Windows includes a powerful WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line) tool. This tool will show you all the hardware statistics on your system, and you can query it to know the exact model of your computer’s motherboard. This will also let you check the motherboard’s brand, model number, and manufacturer. HWiNFO also supports the latest components, industry technologies, and industry standards. HWiNFO64 is suitable for system integrators and users alike. In addition to improving support for AMD processors, this new edition of HWiNFO has also improved the monitoring of NZXT Kraken coolers.

Belarc Advisor

A good way to find out the model number of a Motherboard is by scanning it with a software program like Belarc Advisor. This is a free program that does not collect any personal information and does not send it to a web server. The software will run a series of scans and will then display a summary of the motherboard. You can then decide if you want to scan the whole motherboard or just specific parts.

The program will analyze the entire system, including the operating system, hardware components, connected devices, and login sessions. On the right-hand side, you will see a heading called “Main Circuit Board.” This heading contains information about the motherboard, including its name, model, serial number, bus clock speed, and BIOS version. You can use this information to determine if you have a defective motherboard.


The consumer can check the recall details of an ASUS Motherboard by its model number. If you cannot find this number on your motherboard, you can contact the company’s customer support department. If you suspect that you are using one of the affected motherboards, you can also contact the CPSC to find out what your options are. The company is offering a free replacement for affected motherboards. This offer also covers the shipping charges.

The Z87-Plus and Z87-Deluxe feature the same chipets, but they are different models. The Z87-Pro has a 12+2 phase power design, but lacks a southern heatsink and super-pipe. The Z87-Pro offers two PCI-e 3.0 ports and DTS audio support. On the other hand, the Z87-Deluxe is better suited for those looking to overclock their motherboard.


In addition to the processor model number, most Intel motherboards have three numbers that identify them as an Intel model. These numbers are located on the motherboard itself, not the chips. These numbers are also used for bios updates. For more information, refer to the documentation included with the motherboard. If you are unsure, check the box label for the model number. You will usually find it near the PCIe or DIMM slots. Here are some other ways to find the motherboard model number. More Info

The G31 (BearlakeG) supports DDR2 memory at 400/800 MT/s. The G35 and P45 (EaglelakeG) support DDR3 memory at up to 3200 MT/s and PCIe 2.0. The G31 and P35 (EaglelakeG) are similar to the P43 (P35) but lack Crossfire support. The Q45 (EaglelakeQ) is expected to be a DDR2 board, but lacks Crossfire support and is intended for office computing.