Music festivals are a beloved tradition for music fans around the world. They offer a chance to see your favorite artists perform live, discover new music, and connect with like-minded fans. But while festivals can be an amazing experience, there are some things that nobody tells you – the good, the bad, and the unexpected. In this article, we’ll explore some of the things that nobody tells you about music festivals.

The Good

Let’s start with the good news – there are many things to love about music festivals. Here are some of the things that make festivals a must-attend event for music fans:

Variety: Music festivals offer a wide range of music genres and styles, giving you the opportunity to discover new artists and sounds that you may not have heard before.

Atmosphere: Festivals have a unique atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. The combination of live music, good vibes, and like-minded people creates an unforgettable experience.

Community: Festivals are a chance to connect with other music fans who share your passion. Whether you’re dancing in the crowd, camping together, or just chatting with strangers, you’ll meet some amazing people at festivals.

Take time to enjoy yourself.  You’ve done a lot to make it to the festival so sit back and enjoy.  Give a look to all the exciting things happening around you and remember to ride the good while it comes.

The Bad

Now for the not-so-good news – there are also some downsides to music festivals. Here are some of the things that nobody tells you about:

Crowds: Music festivals are often crowded, with thousands of people trying to see the same artists. This can make it difficult to move around, find a good spot, or even use the restroom.

Weather: Festivals are usually held outdoors, which means you’re at the mercy of the elements. Rain, heat, and cold can all make for an uncomfortable experience.

Logistics: Festivals require a lot of planning and preparation, from buying tickets to finding a place to stay to packing the right gear. It can be overwhelming, especially for first-time attendees.

While there’s a possibility that some not-so-good things may happen it’s about the whole experience.  If you plan ahead most can be avoided but when they do happen remember its just a moment in the day not the entire days experience.

The Unexpected

Finally, there are some things that nobody tells you about music festivals that are neither good nor bad – just unexpected. Here are some examples:

Random encounters: You never know who you might meet at a festival – from celebrities to old friends to new crushes.

Food: Festival food can be hit or miss, but you might be surprised by the quality and variety of options available.

Surprises: Festivals are known for their surprise guests, special performances, and unexpected moments. You never know what might happen next!

Often times the unexpected is what makes the best stories after the festival has finished.  Keep your eyes open for whatever unexpected surprises might occur by keeping time to take in your surroundings.

Tixel and Music Festivals

Despite the ups and downs of music festivals, they remain an incredibly popular event for music fans around the world. And thanks to platforms like Tixel, attending festivals has never been easier or more affordable.

Tixel allows fans to buy and sell tickets at fair market prices, without the risk of scalping or overpriced tickets. This means that more people can enjoy the festival experience, without breaking the bank or missing out on their favorite artists.


Music festivals are an amazing experience that every music fan should experience at least once. While there are some downsides and unexpected moments, the overall experience is one that you’ll never forget.  Everything about them is all part of the experience. The Good, the bad and the unexpected are what make the best stories once you and your mates have left the event behind.

And with platforms like Tixel, attending festivals has never been more accessible or affordable. So if you’re ready to experience the magic of live music and connect with like-minded fans, consider attending a festival and creating some unforgettable memories.