Who’s Better for You?

Working on visual representations of a brand, product, or campaign is essential for any business of all scales. Illustrators and graphic designers become the ones who are responsible to handle this matter.

Often, illustrators and graphic designers work hand-in-hand to produce excellent product videos. But, it can be a different story if you need to create a brand logo, packaging design, or campaign posters using one of best free poster maker tools online.

The two are capable of creating non-moving visual representations. But, who’s better for you? An illustrator or a graphic designer?

Keep scrolling to find the best advice on choosing between the two. Before that, let’s get to know them better, shall we?

Illustrators and Graphic Designers, Who are They?

It’s understandable if some people may find it difficult to draw a clear line between illustrators and graphic designers. They do have similar characteristics on some points.

At the same time, they also have different academic courses, degrees, visual goals, project goals, art techniques, and work mediums. 


An illustrator is a visual artist who works on creating visual arts (2D or 3D) using various media. They can draw traditionally on paper or digitally using computer software.

Academically, illustrators study art history, drawing style, painting style, and colors theory. They can also sell their artworks as standalone pieces or work for a company to create multiple illustrations. 

Moreover, an illustrator must be capable of portraying specific messages, primarily if they work for a company. Their works should be able to entertain audiences, provoke emotion, and communicate with audiences.

Project examples:

Some project examples of an illustrator include:

  • Creating logos for companies
  • Creating illustrations for magazines, books, or other publication
  • Creating illustrations for video products
  • Producing standalone artworks
  • Designing a product packaging

Graphic Designers

Typically, you need a graphic design degree to be called a graphic designer. Unlike illustrators, graphic designers must study products, websites, and publication design.

Therefore, graphic designers have a better sense of the digital environment, software, and programs. Graphic design skills include creating animations, fonts, graphs, and photo editing.

Moreover, graphics designers’ duties include client consultation, project conceptualization, font designing, and graphic creation.

Project examples:

Some of the project examples of graphic designers are:

  • Working on website designs
  • Creating posters for campaigns 
  • Designing campaign materials
  • Helping the marketing and branding team to develop promotional strategies

The next big question is when to choose an illustrator and a graphic designer. Keep scrolling for some more tips!

When to Choose Illustrators and Graphic Designers?

Even though illustrators and graphic designers differ in some way, it is still possible for them to share the same goals and responsibilities. 

For example, graphic designers and illustrators can be responsible for creating posters, business cards, packaging designs, logos, and billboards.

Let’s narrow down your purposes, aims, and goals to decide whom to choose.

You should hire an illustrator if you need to work on:

  • Detailed artistic designs
  • Portraying ideas with fine arts
  • Illustrating concepts

Or, hire a graphic designer instead if you need to work on:

  • Website designs
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Web banners and presentation
  • Improving user interface and experience (UI/UX)

It’s also possible to make illustrators and graphic designers work together on a project. That way, they can share broader ideas to come up with the best plan and execute it flawlessly.

Wrapping Up

Illustrators and graphic designers have their techniques, point-of-view, mediums, competencies, and artistic goals. You must understand your purpose and intention well before choosing between an illustrator and a graphic designer.

Last bit of tips: think of graphic designers if you want to work on commercial matters, and think of illustrators for a more artsy taste. Commonly, a company will have both of them in a team.

So, depending on your business, you can choose one between the two. Or, you can also have an illustrator and a graphic designer work hand-in-hand on your business project.