Many training companies are finding new formulas through which they gain flexibility and manage to lower costs, one of the most popular being the rental of rooms by the hour. If you have a company that needs to rent meeting rooms on a recurring basis and you don’t know where to start, we recommend that you continue reading this post.

Meeting rooms by the hour

Did you know that many companies no longer have a specific physical space and are looking for more flexible options where to carry out their activity and that are more adapted to day-to-day needs?

For example, what would you think if instead of having an academy with fixed costs, you rely on flexi desk Dubai, renting rooms by the hour according to the classes you have arranged?

Here are some advantages that you can find with this modality.

Advantages of renting training rooms by the hour


First of all, the fundamental characteristic of the rooms found in flexible workspaces is that they can be rented by the hour, adapting to the demand you have in your business.

These spaces provide added value compared to the permanence traditionally imposed by space rental contracts. You can rent from one hour to full days.

New times require new measures that allow the user comfort and peace of mind in the face of any unforeseen event that may arise. Returning to the example of the academies, if your students cancel the class, or your teachers suffer any inconvenience, you can modify your reservations without any problem.

Cost reduction

The rental of rooms by the hour includes all the services you need, thus avoiding carrying the fixed costs of your own space: electricity, water, air conditioning, internet connection, premises insurance, furniture, technological means…

The price you pay to rent a room by the hour includes all this, thus preventing you from incurring expenses when setting up your own academy or training company.

Services that include

The meeting rooms are fully equipped for any executive meeting, conference, class… They have television screens with HDMI connection, blackboards and ergonomic furniture. In addition, reception and customer service, with friendly and personalized treatment for all types of customers and companies.

How do I choose the best hourly training room for my business?


The issue of location is essential for the logistics of a company. Locating the company in a strategic point can lead, on many occasions, to its success or failure. It is a factor that should be studied and analyzed in depth.

You will find rooms for rent by the hour in coworking spaces, which have already chosen a privileged location and have previously carried out this study. Many spaces are located in Premium areas of cities, offering a very favorable transport connection so that any user can get there quickly.


In these spaces, availability is usually immediate, although we recommend that if you have a schedule with closed classes with your students, advance the schedule to the space to reserve in advance and always ensure the availability you need.

Are you considering knowing how a new location works for your business, but you need to know if it can work?

Coworking spaces allow testing of how a specific area can work without incurring a large investment.

Renting rooms by the hour can be a way of bringing your services closer to clients in an area where you want to check whether or not they are viable.

If you verify that the location works, you can continue with this model or open a new space of your own, but with the certainty that it will be profitable.

Room rental by the hour

At we have flexible work spaces with availability of meeting rooms by the hour in our different centers in Madrid. These are practical and functional spaces, equipped with a blackboard, screen and access to a projector. You can consult our website for more information or send us an email directly.