Some puppies may not love the idea of bathing, however stinky they might have gotten over the days. They can resist sitting in the tub, soaking in the shampoo, being poured water on, and having it rinsed off.

If giving your poochie a quick bath is a significant challenge or you need to bathe it but are running short of time, consider using a commercially available or homemade dry shampoo to freshen up your furry little one within no time.

Not bathing your puppy for extended periods can lead to dry/irritated skin and make it a perfect place for fleas to thrive. Also, too frequent bathing can strip the natural oils off your furry baby’s coat and damage the fur.

Talk to your vet regarding how often you can give your puppy a shower, and consider being prepared with pet insurance simultaneously. Dog insurance allows you to provide your four paws with top-notch medical care during distressing health situations and medical emergencies.

Contemplate purchasing a policy, so you don’t need to worry much about the finances involved in getting your pup treated in worrying times of health. In the meantime, read this article to learn how to make a canine-safe dry shampoo at home.

Dry shampoo for puppies

A lot of dust and pollutants can settle on your little pupper’s coat between strolls while roaming around in your garden/yard, chasing birds and animals, snoozing on the couch, and doing other daily things. 

Also, canine fur babies have sebaceous glands at the root of hair follicles, and they produce a sticky substance known as “Sebum”. This fluid is essential for healthy skin, has antibiotic properties, and has a unique scent. 

Sebum collects on the skin over time, leaving your canine companion’s coat dull and greasy. The longer your puppy goes without baths, the more it accumulates on the fur and gives out a repelling odor. As you already know, repeated wet baths can deteriorate your pupper’s coat health; find a reliable solution that helps keep your pet pooch neat and clean without hosing it down.

Whip up a dry shampoo for your pup using the simplest kitchen ingredients so your pet can comfortably allow you to wash it without water and with little fuss. All you may need to do is mix the below-mentioned items in a shaker until they are thoroughly combined and use it when needed.

Take a mixing bowl and add 3 tbsp each of baking soda and cornstarch and six drops of a puppy-safe essential oil like lavender or chamomile to it and stir the contents well. You can use a clean and dry salt shaker to obtain a perfect mixture.

Brush the dog initially, then sprinkle this powder evenly and work your fingers into the puppy’s coat; allow the dry shampoo mix to sit for a couple of minutes before brushing again to remove the mixture, and lastly, use a dry towel to rub off the remaining powder.

The presence of dandruff, fleas, mites, lice, and throwing a bad smell can indicate your furry baby needs a bath or has health trouble. Bath it, but seek medical assistance so your pupper overcomes any health issues it might be suffering from. 

Consider being equipped with pet insurance so your canine friend is covered for basic medical care during non-routine vet visits and health emergencies. Contemplate purchasing dog insurance so unexpected health situations like this and others are more manageable.