Study MBBS In China

As you know, admission to Pakistani universities for MBBS studies is difficult the number of vacancies is low, and facing various challenges, countless Pakistani students choose to study MBBS abroad. Compared to Pakistan and other countries, Study MBBS in China is the most preferred method of medical internship for students due to its low cost. Since all Chinese universities are state-owned, they offer a very good education.

As the world’s second-largest economy, China has some of the best medical schools in the world. This is because China provides large educational subsidies for innovative research in medicine, which allows these universities to recruit global students cheaply.

As Pakistan’s indescribably close neighbor, China is historically huge and timeless. In any case, many find it difficult to live in China because of the country’s special problems. Chinese people love Pakistani culture and their attitude toward Pakistanis is consistent under all circumstances. They are charming and friendly. When you visit China, you realize that what you have read and learned about China is completely unexpected.

China is investing increasingly in education every year. All Chinese universities are owned by the government, so the funds generated and the professions offered are kept at a high level. Considering the global popularity of medical research in China, more than 50 Chinese universities are among the top 500 medical schools in the world.

China Medical University is the world’s top foreign MBBS university and offers two medical programs for medical students. The main program is called MD (Doctor of Medicine) and lasts four years. Another undergraduate program offers five years of hypothetical and practical preparation, followed by a year of internship.45 China’s medical schools are accredited by top medical institutions such as PMC, WHO, and IMED. General tuition for the MBBS 5+1 year program is very reasonable for Pakistani students, up to $300,000 at an A-grade medical school.

Medical students who start practicing in Pakistan after completing the MBBS program are required to pass the National Export Examination (NEXT). This exam is mandatory and required when applying for a medical license in Pakistan. The MBBS course in China also allows medical students to work in China and offers an attractive salary package under the respective medical services, which is 65% higher than in the Pakistani system.

From China

China is the third largest country in the world and has the largest population. China is also home to countless tourist attractions. Along with Babylon, Maya and Egypt, China is one of the most traditional destinations. A variety of experiences have been meticulously documented in China for more than 3,000 years.

China is one of the five largest countries in the world. China is the third largest country in the world by area and the first by population. It is also one of the oldest civilizations and a fascinating and interesting society. China is one of the “four great ancient civilizations.” Along with Babylon, the Mayans and Egypt, China is one of the oldest progressive countries in human history. For more than 3,000 years, China has accurately recorded a wide range of experiences.

China is rich in geographical diversity. Tibet is the highest place in China. China is the highest country in the world in terms of altitude. Everest, at 8,848 meters above sea level, is the third lowest mountain on Earth. Turfan fall – 154 meters (-505 feet).

China also has the most orders and shares borders with 14 countries. Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and North Korea. This chapter provides an overview of China’s neighbors and their influence on China, and conversely, the influence of China’s neighbors on China.

Over the past three decades, China has experienced the fastest economic growth in the world (over 10% per year). With a GDP of $11.4 trillion in 2016, it is now the world’s second-largest economy. The Chinese language is the only source of a permanent hieroglyphic framework. It is considered the most widely spoken language in the world due to its universal use and universal complexity.

Pakistani students study MBBS in China

As we know, it is difficult to get into government schools in Pakistan. Due to the lack of seats and various problems, many Pakistani students are considering going abroad to study MBBS. China is the preferred country for students to study medicine as the fees are lower than in Pakistan and other countries. It also offers excellent guidance as all Chinese universities are government recognized institutions.

Currently, more than 8,000 Pakistani students are studying MBBS in China. It is beneficial for students to study MBBS in China as it gives them flexibility, benefits, and transparency and allows them to experience the best MBBS teachers in the world. Even the fees in Chinese medical universities are much lower than in Pakistan.

Benefits of studying MBBS in China

First, China’s economy has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a strong foundation. All Chinese universities are run and managed by the Chinese government.

The Medical Council of Pakistan (MCI) has approved 45 of the best MBBS schools in China, which means Pakistani students have more options to find the best MBBS schools in China, with a low-cost structure.

All medical schools in China assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO), United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), which means Pakistani students receive a medical degree that assessed globally, and you can even apply for the USMLE to become a specialist in the US.

Comparable medical education compared to medical education in Pakistan.

Training in China is legal in Pakistan (MCI does not offer this option for other exams that involve foreign reservations).

Perhaps the most trusted country in the world, now for students all over the world, especially young girls.

More than 5,000 students from China are constantly coming to consider MBBS studies, and the number is growing every year.

The best package for this five-year MBBS course starts at Rs 150,000, which is not far from what students pay in Pakistan.

There are no entrance exams and no donations required for the MBBS.

Students study Chinese to study medicine, as the language is increasingly spoken all over the world. Countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China have people who speak Chinese. This means that students can work as foreign researchers in these countries and communicate with patients almost in Chinese. The procurement opportunities will increase significantly.

Cost of studying MBBS in China

China renowned for its highly qualified teaching staff and the nature of its education. Studying an MBBS in China is very affordable and can cost between Rs 900 000 and Rs 250 000, depending on the university.

Fee structure for MBBS studies in China in 2022-23

Admission procedure for MBBS studies in China

The admission process for MBBS studies in China is as follows -.

Apply through the official portal of the university.

Fill out the application form on the online portal.

Submit a scanned copy of your documents.

Once you receive the admission letter, keep it for future reference.

Pay the application fee for the university of your choice.

Once you have paid your tuition fees and received your confirmation letter, apply for your visa.

Get a visa to study in China.

Book your flight to China.

Fly to China and start your lectures.

Documents needed to apply for MBBS in China

Students must have all the documents ready before submitting their applications. The documents required to apply for MBBS in China are as follows:

One copy of your passport.

A copy of your 10th and 12th class grades and certificates.

And copy of your offer letter

Birth certificate

Medical certificate

10 passport-size photographs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs authorization for all documents.

Visa fee

HIV test documentation and results

Certificates from the authorities

Certificate of address

Bank statements of parents or guardians

Health insurance

Covid19 report

Eligibility requirements for MBBS studies in China

The eligibility criteria for MBBS studies in China are as follows -.

The student must have passed the standard 10+2 examination for PCM.

65-70% score in physics, chemistry, biology, and English in grade 12.

Successful completion of the MDCAT exam with a minimum score of 55-60%.

Proficiency in English (IELTS not required).

Scholarships for MBBS students in China

Chinese higher education institutions offer moderate tuition fees to Pakistani students.

The duration of the study is five years. Chinese universities offer scholarships to eligible students. In addition, China is perhaps the safest country. The universities have emergency clinics that offer many opportunities to study medicine. Students graduating from Chinese universities have excellent career prospects. In addition, visa procedures are simple.

Students can arrive in China within 4.5 hours. Due to the proximity of Pakistan, executives can study in low-cost universities. There are two ways to enter Chinese universities. One in March and one in September. Preparation for USMLE and MCI exams done on-site.